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  1. Invictus

    O/T: HEALTH How to Wake Up Early (Or at least...earlier)

    I’ve seen a bit of interest during my time here from users who want to wake up early. Recently, I’ve managed to adjust my wake-up time to around 6 AM, which is something I haven’t done since high school. Being an early riser is something that I’ve long wanted to be, but I never quite got to...
  2. Invictus

    One Year of the FLF: My Failure

    A few months back, my year anniversary for the FLF came up. I decided that it would be a good idea to create a sort of “Yearly Update”. Honestly, though, I kept pushing it off. I was scared as hell. More than that, I was even ashamed. When others post their yearly updates and they’re just doing...
  3. Invictus

    PUBLISHING The 'Write' Road For Me [Progress Thread]

    Whew! I've had quite a spell of silence since my intro thread a few weeks back. Had to wrap up a particularly intense few weeks of college (involving essays, tests I had not covered the material for, and a quite a bit of sleep deprivation). I wasn't completely off of the site though, as I was...
  4. Invictus

    INTRO 20 Year Old College Boy

    Afternoon y'all, Newbie here. A bit of info about myself, I'm a 20 year old Uni student that's about a year from graduating with an English degree. I've done some copywriting projects and built a Wordpress website or two, but never had the follow through in order to ruthlessly pursue them and...
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