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  1. Andrewjgong

    EXECUTION 5 Figures & <10 Hours a Month in 6 Months

    Alright, so here goes. I work in my own business that buys and sells used items. I've made the decision to outsource a majority of my work. I've been working in this business for about a year. The process of doing things is pretty straight forward in my business. I spent the last year and few...
  2. Andrewjgong

    INTRO Almost 26 and Looking to Retire at Age 30

    Hello! My name is Andrew. In December 2016 I graduated and went full time into my business. Hopefully my intro doesn't sound too cocky! :clench: I picked up TMF two years ago and have listened to it at least 3 times. I also picked up Unscripted last year. My life has changed immensely with...
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