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  1. Oztrepreneur

    Another Control Lesson

    All, Wanted to share another lesson in control. I currently sell on Amazon with no issue. My wife decided she would like to offer a fantastic product under a separate brand. To be certain I even raised a case with Amazon to ensure this wouldn't be a problem, to which they said no problem as...
  2. Oztrepreneur

    Tired of Scratched Sunglasses

    You buy a pair of $200+ sunglasses and before you know the lenses are scratched, coverage by Oakley and the likes. Replacement lenses are $100+. Why not a coating that is upsold for like $30 when someone purchases a pair of expensive sunglasses that reduces (probably no feasible...
  3. Oztrepreneur

    Where would I start?

    Ok I am stuck in the veritable wantreprenuer stage and I need some advice. Advice can be positive or negative as long as it is constructive. I am nearing my wits end with chasing ideas and want to execute or start a process. So going from my gut feel and also advice given by @JackEdwards, I...
  4. Oztrepreneur

    Greetings from Australia

    A long time lurker finally wanted to get onboard and introduce myself and hopefully get involved with some discussions with people more knowledgeable than I. This seems to be a great forum and I think due in part to the people it attracts by nature and also due to excellent moderation. At...
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