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    HOT TOPIC tips on how to overcome shyness

    You could try starting small, maybe list a few options on how you could go about finding a developer, locally? remote? Any friends knowledgeable in that feild? You could look on freelancer websites, or post to your Facebook(if you have one and are comfortable doing so) asking if anyone knows...
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    Remember This When You Say You Can't Compete

    This reminds me of when I brought up people starting their own businesses, to my workmate on our lunch break. He replied "all the good ideas have been invented". At the time, I didn't say anything because I didn't know how to put it, also he is alot older than me. In retrospect, what I should...
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    WEB SCHOOL The New Web Design Sub Forum (Intro Post)

    Firstly thanks MJ and Fox I think this thred will be a great addition to the many value filled threads on the forum. My journey with web design is just getting started. I have some experience with HTML/CSS through a few papers I opted for in university, although I have gained my bachelor in...
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    How do you pay the bills while working on a fastlane business?

    Something that can help if you have read TMF book is the CENTS commandments which are relevant to evaluating business ideas or to see if they are 'fastlane'. This is in acronym for: N - Need, is their a need for your idea E - Entry, what are the barriers to entry for this industry/business...
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    A-M-A Growing a Web Design School and FB Group (3500+ Members atm)

    Thanks again for the very useful webdev Facebook group, it is another awesome resource we have to use, I am yet to find another like it due to its no-nonsense, quality posts, which, as you said always get a heap of constructive interaction.
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    Importing / selling goods with other business trademark/branding on it

    Thanks Walter for your really informative reply, That makes lot of sense and is good to know. Explorer
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    Importing / selling goods with other business trademark/branding on it

    I have recently been importing parts for a certain niche. I have been looking at adding a product line where some of the products include trademarked logos. My question is can I sell said goods if I make it clear to the customer that the goods are aftermarket/not from the original manufacturer...
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