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  1. Onakosa

    Can’t find the need?

    Just further to some of the answers above, back in 2010 there was a massive BP Oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone who had shares in BP rushed like mad to dump their previously profitable shares. I knew an entrepreneur type at time who told me this was madness. Why? The answer went...
  2. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    It’s not at all ‘uncharted’. There are businesses (in the UK) that do nothing except this. Low-level PI and debt work. This is what I kinda meant about the OP - to my mind - not understanding the industry. I could be wrong tho.
  3. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    Easy tiger, no one is "insulting" you. All I said was that, with respect, you don't seem to understand the industry you're trying to break in to. I can't really 'contribute anything useful' as - to my mind - what you are trying to do is a non-starter. I'm not the only person on this thread who...
  4. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    Jumping on board with what? I don't understand the OP's idea and, with respect to the OP, I'm not sure he properly understands it either. That's what I've been saying throughout the whole thread!
  5. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    Why are you referencing me in this post?
  6. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    That's what I think. The OP (with all respect) seems clueless. Doesn't understand either the subject or the industry.
  7. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    This is never never ever a good idea. There is a saying, 'the lawyer who defends himself, has a fool for a client'. There is a reason someone once said this.
  8. Onakosa

    I'm lost and discouraged about my Ad Agency even though I got results. Any advice?

    First of all, congratulations on actually having some success right at the beginning! Most of us don't. I'm an ads specialist and here are a few things: Ads are only part of the marketing funnel. How much success those ads get is dependent on numerous things - including your client's customer...
  9. Onakosa

    Selling my music catalog and international character for US $1.5 billion. Critique?

    You put stoner in the same bracket as ... Prog???
  10. Onakosa

    Selling my music catalog and international character for US $1.5 billion. Critique?

    This whole post misses 100% the relationship between fans and music. I don't mean to be rude, but are you SURE you're a musician? People engage with (any) Art in a different way from e.g. stocks or property. You'll always get maybe 10% who will buy on the basis of a recommendation from an...
  11. Onakosa

    Programming For Entrepreneurs

    Hi Jacob, I don't want to be a negative Nelly, but the first thing I thought when I read your post was that there are lots of free resources out there to learn programming. It's how learnt. Anyone who wants to learn has access to oodles of free stuff - why is yours different?
  12. Onakosa

    OFF-TOPIC My next venture: Abolishing compulsory education and making a profit

    Teaching is a bit like law. Everyone thinks they know more about it than the people who do it for a living. I do agree, as would most teachers, that the UK state model is very much geared towards churning out good little employees. A generation or so ago we were talking about 'factory fodder'...
  13. Onakosa

    WEB SCHOOL How do I monitor the activities of employees/contractors?

    There are loads of monitoring softwares that you could use - literally loads (e.g. Cerebral, Time Doctor, etc etc). Just Google!
  14. Onakosa

    Create a Teetotalers Certification or something like it for profit. Viable?

    When I first read this I was reminded of my Irish parents' Pioneers Pledge certificates. In other words, it's not a bad idea - it's just very much been done before.
  15. Onakosa

    El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Its Legal Currency

    I think there's a lot of truth in that. I've been in 'lively' places and never really had a problem. Part of it is just being sensible, but also because unless you're unlucky enough to get caught in crossfire, you can usually plan to avoid areas/places where you know it's likely to kick off. The...
  16. Onakosa

    OFF-TOPIC Do You Enjoy the Place Where You Live?

    I don't dislike it, but I wouldn't be here if I had a real choice. I'm UK based. From London originally and now in the north of England. I don't hate England, and there are some things about it I think are great. But if I had a choice I'd have left years ago. If I could move, I'd go to Estonia...
  17. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    How can a legal claim be performance based. What area of law is this? I’m just intrigued. You don’t need to share detail but just e.g. ‘tort based claim, public sector versus retailer’. I come from a legal background (English law) which is why - to me - much of what you say just doesn’t make sense.
  18. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    What sort of claim and how did it suddenly 10x what sort of Claim is this? And how on earth did it suddenly 10X ? I have never ever heard of that - suddenly -happening in a Claim.
  19. Onakosa

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    Hang on. First you were talking about class actions. Now you’re saying you want to do what this guy does which is mostly crime work. They are chalk and cheese. Also the amounts of money involved are vastly different.
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