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    O/T: HEALTH Phone Addiction - The Breaking Addiction Series

    For me, scrolling Facebook Newsfeed on Desktop was a major distraction. I just wanted to check for a message or similar and found myself scrolling the feed. I really like this Chrome Extension...
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    INTRO Intro from Germany

    Welcome @David John to the forum. There are some germans like you and me in this forum. What is your plan to approach the fastlane?
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    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Hi @D.Gintz and welcome to the forum. I like your honesty but maybe it's better to keep the idea private as this is a public forum. You could just describe it in general and state the industry. Idea 2 looks promising on the first look and would be runner if you offer some kind of free App model...
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    Hiring people at a young age.

    Hi, as I'm a web dev myself I can give you some suggestions for seeking employees. I suppose you could start making serious offers. If you say that you want a senior web dev with +5 years experience for a full time job then people with this skill level and availability will apply for this job...
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    I've just finished reading Unscripted. Had listened to the audiobook partly before. Also gifted it to some close family members because of the many timeless concepts in the book.
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    Next Soft Proof Process?

    I've made the experience that once you are limiting yourself to a target market it's easier to find ideas/pain points. In my niche I've got ideas which I can't fulfill in the next years. Some more sources for idea generation would be: doing private interviews with people in the niche, FB...
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    I f***ed up.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I like your attitude as you're thankful for this opportunity. What are your Fastlane Goals exactly? Are you making PROGRESS towards them?
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    Is the Speedway Section still active?

    Thank you. This answers my question.
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    Is the Speedway Section still active?

    Hello, I'm curious if the Speedway Forum section is still open/active. Until recently the Speed was displayed at each Forum profile. But now I don't see it anywhere. Is it still possible to join the Speedway section? Regards, f0reclone
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    EXECUTION Building a business chat community

    Count me in. Already active in some discord communities.
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    Easy business idea

    The business of Alex Becker is Fastlane. However most of his followers just want to be successful by following his step by step tutorials. This is working obviously. I like his mindset sometimes but other times he is just trying to sell his new thing.
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    INTRO Saas mastermind group?

    Hello, I'm a young developer from germany and interested in the mastermind group. We can exchange skype via PM.
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    GOLD! How I lean startup’d my way to $240k+ on the saturated App Store

    Hello @Rcaraway1989 I love your post. It's nice that you also reveal some of your strategies on how to evaluate ideas. Would love to hear if you have strategies to find ideas with tools or online communities. Regards, f0reclone
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    A-M-A Everything You Need to Know About Sales: Part 1

    Hello @Ubermensch, would you like to share some information about the german market? Or are there any Fastlaners here in germany making such sales?
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    Need to sell 110+ new Mercedes-Benz Cars below list price

    First of all the cars aren't damaged in any way, maybe they have been stained a bit. All of them are beeing cleaned right now. I'm only referring buyers and taking commission. The only thing that could happen, the buyer returns the car (if B2C) and I must return the commission. So I've got no...
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    Need to sell 110+ new Mercedes-Benz Cars below list price

    Hello Fastlaners, a business contact of me here in germany whom I can trust very well has bought a ship load (about 110) of new Mercedes-Benz cars (different models for example E350 4Matic). He bought them for a lot cheaper than the list price because on the ship was a fire but the cars were not...
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    GOLD! [AMA] Importing & wholesaling for resale on eBay.

    Ecom Man, thanks for this Thread. One Question: How would you analyze the US Market to get Product Ideas for the german market? An Idea I came up with is to use JungleScout and divide sales by a factor (for example 4 based on the population figure 318/80)
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    EXECUTION 9 months since I launched my clothing brand and so far sold $250,000!

    Hello @lovecharm great Journey. Keep up the good work. I'm an Internet Marketer with experience in Programming, different Shopsystems and Saleschannels, SEO and Advertising. I will write you a PM to discuss your Online Store. Regards Andreas
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    $3500/day to ZERO in one day with FB - Help!

    There are people, which are selling Facebook Accounts ready to advertise with a high spending limit. But can't give you a recommendation yet because I haven't such a service yet.
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