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    Hi Sean, read your thread about a service business for real estate agents. I've been working on...

    Hi Sean, read your thread about a service business for real estate agents. I've been working on a complementary business with a few other people that is also serving real estate agents, though is a tech solution: EZ Homes – Real Estate Interactions Made Easy Let's chat some time and learn from...
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    HOT TOPIC How much does it cost to make an app like Tinder?

    From actually working on something similar, you could build a throw-away MVP that is still "viable" for maybe $60k (sixty, not $2k) or maybe even less. If you have a very experienced developer who is a cofounder, they may be able to produce a usable MVP in 6 weeks of full-time work, but for a...
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    Why do so many programmer's settle for jobs when they're capable of so much more?

    If you work 50 hours/week and make $25K/year and hate your job, it's one thing. If you work 30 hours/week and make $250K/year and generally enjoy your job, it's another thing.
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    I'm buying a house 'near' major airports in the UK and installing full lockdown work/life set up.

    Near an airport? What about the air quality? I would never think of voluntarily spending 3 months at this kind of location.
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    NOTABLE! The biggest lie that you believed for most of your life?

    The FICO corporation itself pushes the personal responsibility narrative, as do some other players in the space. It is necessary for them as otherwise it looks like FICO just discriminates against people who were born into the lower class, people who were born into certain regions of the...
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    NOTABLE! The biggest lie that you believed for most of your life?

    That the world is full of stupid people because said people don't understand art, science, etc. in depth. That people interested in simple subjects are necessarily shallow and not worth knowing. That sales and marketing are "low" professions. That the world is full of selfish people because...
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    Just found this thought-provoking article about free-to-play games that get 50% of their revenue from 0.15% of their users, some of whom are seriously addicted and may be spending their last savings to buy in-game artefacts: Gamasutra - Chasing the Whale: Examining the ethics of free-to-play games
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    OFF-TOPIC How to find people to join my company on LinkedIn

    Well, are you doing some bona fide work? What is the point of being a Vice-President at a nonexistent company? If I tried to use it to interview for another job, they would still ask me about this experience — especially if it allowed my profile to stand out in the first place? Maybe just offer...
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    HOT TOPIC Will you take the COVID19 VAXClNE?

    @Matt Sun , first, we do not want another 500K-1M people to die, even if most of them will be 65+ years old. Second, this is only currently while the healthcare system can handle it. If you cannot promptly treat people including with intensive care, the rates will be higher. Third, this...
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    HOT TOPIC Should I invest in stock market if I am trying to start a fastlane business?

    Let's say it takes a week of full-time effort for you to educate yourself about the situation and invest $100k, and miraculously you get a 5% return without any risk. That is, given that the risk-free rate is zero in both the U.S. and in Europe. Then this extra $5,000 is earned in 40 hours of...
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    NOTABLE! What Are The Worst Mistakes You've Done In Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

    Giving up too early. E.g. I've had a project where the team of several people has put in light part-time work over a year, and we needed just 300-400 hours of effort to get to a first B2B trial that could have given us revenue. Everyone was tired and uninspired by that time. However, if I...
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    What to do with emails/phone numbers I cant use?

    What are you shipping? What goods or services?
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    Setting health goals

    It may help to add that I am 36 years old and have been exercising 5-7 days a week for decades; I don't smoke or drink and pay reasonable attention to my diet. So any sickness is in that context.
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    Setting health goals

    Once I got this idea from Brian Tracy that one can set health goals. I tried this idea at some point in the past, and it worked! Certain health difficulties used to consume hours of my time every week, sometimes more than 10 hours. I cannot say that I have solved the issues completely, but...
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    is it wrong trying to become millionaire in 2 year when you earn $0?

    Any goal is better than no goal. After I learned the idea of goal setting from nobody else but Brian Tracy, I put it into practice by setting what I thought were 10 very modest goals for the year ahead. Believe it or not, I accomplished exactly zero of those. Simply setting a goal does not...
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    High paying job with fast growth

    Know a friend who has been making this kind of money, slightly less but same ballpark, and similarly had upside. The problem is, expenses grow to meet income, especially when you are hoping for more. Five years ago I asked him, what if he kept working long hours for another 5 years and still...
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    Some people do well with quitting cold turkey, others do well with limiting frequency and indulging once in 2-3 months. Either way, the consensus seems to be that motivation alone is not sufficient, unless you have access to a source of incredible motivation. There are many approaches to this...
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    "Cashing in" on "Big Data"?

    At my previous consulting company we have evaluated numerous data vendors. Every such dataset takes weeks of competent data science effort to evaluate before purchase. Unless you are a known entity, the burden of proof is on you that your dataset is worth anything, let alone if it is useful for...
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    Potential app idea

    Manually compile a list of 1000 items in a neighborhood. E.g. paper towels from A, epsom salt from B, dried fruit from C. You don't need to have every item from every place. Then show it to some old folks who aren't going to the store. Don't build an app, just a list on a website. Offer to...
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    Is it bad to cross-post blog articles?

    Strange question. There are many ways to cheat or scam people. Usually no consequences unless somebody bothers to sue you. Search engines will likely figure out the original source and downgrade your content. If you know many good blogs, might as well write review articles or create a niche...
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