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  1. fastlanedoll

    Is it possible to consistently beat the market?

    Inspired by the Kevin O'Leary invest $100 thread. This article proposes you can by the following tactics: What do you think? Is 'you can't beat the market' & 'just invest in S&P 500 another scam?
  2. fastlanedoll

    EXECUTION Is there a way to rotoscope / remove background for free??? (ppl good with video editing, please help!)

    I'm tearing my hair out trying to edit my videos!!! Tons of clickbait on youtube, and it seems the stuff that truly works and doesn't give you that ugly "oh you tried to cut out the background' effect require a monthly fee (which I don't really want to go for yet cos I don't even know how far...
  3. fastlanedoll

    Anyone here a subscriber of "Empire Financial Research" led by Whitney Tilson?

    What do you think of it? Is it legit?
  4. fastlanedoll

    HOT TOPIC How much does it cost to make an app like Tinder?

    With all its features? I'm interested in getting into this space. There's tons of complaints about Tinder. It's about time for a rival :devil:
  5. fastlanedoll

    I want to make videos reviewing Masterclass, how much can I reveal without getting hit with copyright etc. claims?

    I have an all-access membership that expires soon. I want to make the most of it by making short reviews / overviews of selected classes. How much am I allowed to reveal without getting hit with copyright claims? I will show short screenshots of things in the members only areas. Is it...
  6. fastlanedoll

    Is it worth it to buy one of those real estate investment courses?

    "Entrepreneur" recommended one, but I can't find the link now. If someone here has bought one they thought was comprehensive & worthwhile, could you recommend it? Lastly, what do you guys think of this?
  7. fastlanedoll

    Anyone thinking of buying real estate in 2021?

    Supposedly, it will 'crash'. Where would you place your bets?
  8. fastlanedoll

    EXECUTION Is Wordpress the best platform to build a blog / site?

    I want to use a blog as part of my marketing strategy, and then sell products directly on the site complete with checkout etc. space for collecting emails etc. Is it best to use Wordpress for this purpose? Given that I don't know any code, I will hire someone to code it for me. Thank you!
  9. fastlanedoll

    I need someone to design / edit my brand's logo. Any recommendations?

    I'm looking at some sellers on fiverr who seem to have good reviews. The price range seems to be really wide. Basically, I have a rough logo idea in mind, I just need someone to create / edit it into a computer graphic. I mainly want to use it on my website, and eventual printing on...
  10. fastlanedoll

    Anybody ever opened an LLC in Hong Kong?

    May I know whether you went through the whole process manually through the gov e-registry or did you use one of those online platforms that claim to do everything for you for a single fee? Can I trust those platforms? Is there a chance I won't be able to get a corporate bank account? If so...
  11. fastlanedoll

    Will you be penalized / demonetized for being slutty on Youtube?

    Like making sexual jokes / 'how to give a blowjob' videos?
  12. fastlanedoll

    Are only videos posted after the monetization threshold monetized on Youtube?

    Sorry if this is a really daft question. But I can't seem to find a solid answer anywhere!! Say, for example, I post 10 videos then I become monetized. Can I only start monetizing from my 11th video onwards? So the first 10 aren't monetized because I wasn't monetized yet? Or can they become...
  13. fastlanedoll

    Ways to succeed on Youtube

    I've found some samples of youtube channels that are successful, but yet rather unconventional. This first one is just basically live streams of a girl studying for hours and hours on end. She doesn't talk much, and she's been doing this for YEARS Absolute genius way to build a channel airing...
  14. fastlanedoll

    What's the best way to generate cash flow in my situation?

    For those of you who don't know, I'm a cosmetic doctor who's currently on no pay leave with no definite end in sight as C0VlD-19 is on a rising trend where I am... I don't want to quit and get another job cos I quite like this one and there's a three months resignation period, anyway. I have a...
  15. fastlanedoll

    I'm interested in being someone's apprentice before buying their business. Where can I get a deal like that?

    I have no actual operating experience in business. After my exam was postponed for the 349874th time due to this pandemic (it's now in Oct, but I don't want to keep studying).. I would like to start my entrepreneurial journey NOW. I have been doing some reading, and thinking.. The idea of...
  16. fastlanedoll

    Anyone write on Medium here?

    I remember a post from a while back discussing this platform and it died pretty quickly. But does anyone write on there in here? Or is it not fastlane / lucrative for you guys to take seriously? :P
  17. fastlanedoll

    How do you guys keep track of all the new $$ making sites out there?

    I hear about new $$ making sites on this forum / youtube all the time FansOnly being the newest one.. lol. How do you guys keep up with what's new out there? Thanks!
  18. fastlanedoll

    International trademark better?

    So my upcoming business will mainly be online, and I read threads about how important it is to trademark the brand name. I did a search and to be relief it is available (already purchased the domain) So seeing that I aim to do the business worldwide, I should trademark the name internationally...
  19. fastlanedoll

    Hoping to launch my brand next year!!!!!!! Pls comment on my game plan

    ********* THANKS A MILLION FOR READING, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THE WHOLE THING, PLEASE JUST READ THE NUMBERED POINTS, AND GIVE ME POINTERS IF YOU COULD, THANKS IN ADVANCE ;) ********** Hey everyone. Hope coronavirus is treating you well. As my exam was postponed, I don't have time to go...
  20. fastlanedoll

    Do you think there's a direct correlation between your success on a crowdfunding site & the demand for your product?

    From what I've seen, crowdfunders get a piece of the product, so they're basically getting an early bird discount. I personally can't see why you would crowdfund a project you have no interest in buying yourself. So this crowdfund thing basically kill two birds with one stone- you gauge demand...
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