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  1. seb451

    Have a little problem partnering

    This is incredibly helpful. Thank you!!
  2. seb451

    Have a little problem partnering

    Thank for you input guys. This kinda opened my eyes. Thank you @Kak . There's no problem between us actually in terms of reaching an agreement, or dropping the business in order to preserve our relationship. It is only this recent situation that made things a bit awkward. As @Tiago and...
  3. seb451

    Have a little problem partnering

    I think we could start with around $500-600. We could probably do it ourselves, but she's is more concerned with having a safety net in case things go wrong. The value he could add is more related to facilitating vehicles, more financial stability to rent and fix a place, although those are not...
  4. seb451

    Have a little problem partnering

    Thanks four your input, Lex I actually talked with her about this issue. For the most part she refused to take responsibility of her precipitate decision and said it was a good opportunity and I should understand, that without that capital we wouldn't do anything and she was looking to work...
  5. seb451

    Have a little problem partnering

    Hello people! I have a little dilemma with partnering to run a business. I had this idea a few weeks ago to start an ecommerce that sells fresh vegetables in packs, e.g. kale+lettuce+mini tomatoes and so (distribution only in one city). The idea is partly validated tbh. But I better started...
  6. seb451

    OFF-TOPIC If you were in my shoes

    I think if you'll have to spend a considerable amount of time commuting to your job each week/month then it would be wise to live nearby. Also, a new environment can give you a new/better perspective to be more motivated for work and build your agency. I'd say is comes down to personal...
  7. seb451

    OFF-TOPIC Best Way to Move from EU to US? Any Success Stories?

    I feel almost the same, the crab mentality in my country is tough. The good news is #15 in economic freedom and entrepreneurship is being strongly promoted. As a developing country there must be a lot of problems to be solved. Maybe your situation is different, though I think being a EU citizen...
  8. seb451

    INTRO Hi! Che Hojas here

    Also came here because I needed to hear like-minded people. All the best!
  9. seb451

    Parents own me, any advice?

    @minivanman @xy2_ yeah it sounds a lot like an excuse, there's no point in waiting for something. Thank you guys
  10. seb451

    Parents own me, any advice?

    Thanks for the advice. I better start doing it as it will work as a practice for real life. Things will get better when I move to the big city in the next few weeks. I will get a job so that I do not depend 100% on them, ultimately to sustain myself alone.
  11. seb451

    Parents own me, any advice?

    Thank you, that's really deep and helpful! @Sethamus Definitely the second option. That sounds like the more reasonable path to follow. Thanks, I didn't see it that way
  12. seb451

    Parents own me, any advice?

    They say virtually nothing about me (only that I should get a job and spend in slowlane stuff), but I understand them. The thing that annoys me is that they constantly have a negative mindset, critizicing everything, blaming the government, saying that X and Y is impossible and rich people is...
  13. seb451

    Parents own me, any advice?

    Hello people! I'm currently living with my grandparents in home town during pandemic. I usually live in a room in the capital city near to university (room paid by my parents). I've been here for the last 6 months) and still have 1.5 years ahead in college. My family is being paying for the...
  14. seb451

    For those struggling to get started

    I'd like to share this article with you. One of the main causes because many people struggle to get started (execution) is because they are not fully aware of what they want to achieve, nor of their major motivations. Most of the time the main goal is becoming a millionaire, as it sounds like a...
  15. seb451

    Can you help a 18 yo girl?

    This actually opened my mind. Thank you
  16. seb451

    How can I relate Industrial engineering to a business?

    Thank you. But I think it is rational
  17. seb451

    How can I relate Industrial engineering to a business?

    I've got a clear roadmap. Thanks and I wish you all the best! edit:decided to delete the explanation
  18. seb451

    Breakdown of a CV that worked

    Hi Andy I really want to thank you for your help! You've made it so clear in one single video. Honestly I had no idea about most of the things you've mentioned, maybe because I was stuck with some bad advice I've heard from some people. It is very kind of you. First, usually I would say: how...
  19. seb451

    HOT TOPIC Has Anybody With a Degree in Economics Got Any Value From It?

    I've commented here before but, It is so true what you guys are saying about spending time and money getting a college degree when you certainly can get more valuable information by your own. At this moment I feel like college is "kind of worth it", from personal point of view, because I'm...
  20. seb451

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Reading TMF for the second time and "Becoming Steve Jobs" by Brent Schlender.
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