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  1. Prince33

    Does work ethic really matter?

    I know, it sounds ridiculous. But this is the Fastlane forums. Home of the Unscripted so I probably wouldn't post this anywhere else. I pose this as a question more than a declaration. I present three scenarios. X: A father of four. He gets up, takes care of his family. Pays all the bills on...
  2. Prince33

    What's wrong with this 'FIRE' retirement plan?

    View: Well the elephant in the room is her and her husband are pulling in around 200K to even play at these numbers. But combined with a low cost of living country I can how it's possible. I know the principals of why FIRE isnt wise. But I'd like to...
  3. Prince33

    RANT Homeless, but refuse to give up?

    I can't talk to anyone in my family or friends about this so here I am. I made a previous post about how I tried many different online things to get started making money. My short story is typical. Kid from the ghetto who lived with his mom in hotels, tried college. Wasn't for me. Especially...
  4. Prince33

    So many possible vehicles to drive down the Fastlane, I'm overwhelmed.

    The purple Jag, Silver Aston Martin, Yellow Ferrari. All good options, but I can't pick which to drive. (TLDR below.) Hey guys, I'm new to the fastlane but I've read the books each twice and still going over them as it's so much good inquisition. I know, I know, new guy starting off asking...
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