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  1. Zedd9165

    OFF-TOPIC Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting

    Hello Fastlaners, This is a quick question. I have been using Godaddy for all my domain purchases and hosting services for almost a decade now and the only reason I go with them is that the company is huge and they have some good customer service (as far as what I have experienced). However...
  2. Zedd9165

    RANT How difficult could it be when dealing with Manufacturers.

    Hello Fastlaners, I have been a long time member of Fastlane, walking the side walk for past couple of years even after coming across this forum with information equal to GOLD. Actions have been taken time to time but always failed. I believe that failure is something like a mirror, that actual...
  3. Zedd9165

    How to Raise Funds for a Business Idea and Other Concerns

    Hey Everyone, All these years I had been searching for an oppurtunity where I can step up and say Yeah I have identified this problem and Here is my solution to it. So finally after all these years I guess I have couple of Ideas that are inte linked to each other like a chain. However, lets...
  4. Zedd9165

    Help!!! At the verge of being Broke.

    Hello Fastlane Fam, Today I would like to share something with you all and maybe this is where I might find some motivation or a ray of hope that can pull me out of this darkness. Since past two years I have been struggling in my life, these are the two years where I've earned my first job...
  5. Zedd9165

    Pre-Launch Sales

    Hey guys, I have been working on a project for quite some time now and the things have become clear after a lot of research that I can go in and start my company. However, manufacturing the material in smaller quantities is not being entertained by my manufacturers and the ones with low MOQs...
  6. Zedd9165

    EXECUTION Progress Beyond Gains

    Hello Fastlaners, I have been on the forums for a long time now, a very beautiful place for entrepreneurs and people looking for mentors and soo much of free knowledge ever where you look around. I would thank everyone who has been interacting with me and providing me soo much help constantly...
  7. Zedd9165

    Need some help before I start

    Hello friends, I have started blogging some 6 months back and initially, I had a great response but later I couldn't continue to write as I was using a free version of WordPress which restricted me from using tables, videos and other benefits that I get on a Now I have saved...
  8. Zedd9165

    How did you get started?

    Hey guys, I will start this thread with the word "Ambition". So this thread is about My ambition just like every other entrepreneur here on this forum. This is a really crazy feeling that makes you hungry for new ideas, brainstorming processes, evaluations, market surveys, swot analysis blah...
  9. Zedd9165

    Which one to read first TMF or Unscripted?

    Just wondering which one should I start with. I'm already addicted to this place and the knowledge that's present in here. Can't wait to learn more from those books.
  10. Zedd9165

    INTRO With love from India

    Hey everyone, This Zedd from India and I love reading and learning new skills just to implement them in my life and my work. I'm a kind of person who is really curious about things and try to learn and grow every day in terms of knowledge. Apart from this im also into bodybuilding. I've...
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