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  1. seb451

    Have a little problem partnering

    Hello people! I have a little dilemma with partnering to run a business. I had this idea a few weeks ago to start an ecommerce that sells fresh vegetables in packs, e.g. kale+lettuce+mini tomatoes and so (distribution only in one city). The idea is partly validated tbh. But I better started...
  2. seb451

    Parents own me, any advice?

    Hello people! I'm currently living with my grandparents in home town during pandemic. I usually live in a room in the capital city near to university (room paid by my parents). I've been here for the last 6 months) and still have 1.5 years ahead in college. My family is being paying for the...
  3. seb451

    For those struggling to get started

    I'd like to share this article with you. One of the main causes because many people struggle to get started (execution) is because they are not fully aware of what they want to achieve, nor of their major motivations. Most of the time the main goal is becoming a millionaire, as it sounds like a...
  4. seb451

    How can I relate Industrial engineering to a business?

    Hello people! I'm willing to figure out some questions about my career and interests and I'd like to hear your opinion in order to gain more clarity. I'm doing my 4th of Industrial Engineering (out of 5 years) and I'm getting the degree for free so I decided to make the most of it. I'm...
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