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  1. TaeHwan

    The concern of a 16-year-old who's becoming an entrepreneur.

    Hello, I am Taehwan living in Korea. I'm 17 years old and I'm a high school student. I am 16 years old in American age. Please understand that it is a translator. And first of all, I want to say thank you so much to MJ. The books you wrote have changed my mind and will change my life. You are my...
  2. S

    Managing Money as a recent college graduate [Ideas Needed]

    Hello guys, I'm a 23 yo software engineer. A recent grad B.Tech in EE. Since due to C0VlD, I'm living at home, I don't have any real expenses other than occasional Amazon stuff. Where can I store my money right now? I need directions in managing money. Right now my salary is just accumulating...
  3. Sarthak_Tyagi

    Is it worth your money....

    Would y'all mind to buy a product that protects your car from getting over heated when parked in sun for too long as it usually gets. It's price would be 5000 rupees(68 dollars) If not what would be your ideal price. All opinions appreciated Thanks!
  4. L

    INTRO Hi I’m new

    Hi everyone! I’m brand new to this forum and I’m still not quite sure how to use it so excuse my mistakes. A little about me: I’m a 17 year old female and live in New Jersey. My very first business was in middle school where I would sell trending slime online. I wouldn’t say it was unsuccessful...
  5. HabitsCampaigner

    When Life Gives Kids Lemons

    I’m curious…
  6. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Roast My Idea: Aggregator for open-box and returned products

    Lots of "open box" products are returned lightly used or not even used at all. Technically, since the product was opened, the seller can't sell it as new anymore, so they may mark it down pretty substantially to get it off the shelf. Of course, stores like Best Buy and Walmart make it easy to...
  7. M

    EXECUTION Launching a kickstarter soon, I want your opinions and comments

    Hey all, My name is Mike, I am a student and a new entrepreneur. I have never launched a business before but decided to step out of my comfort zone and launch a product on Kickstarter. I had been working on it for the past two years. I would like to show it to you to see what you all think...
  8. J

    INTRO An introduction and an important question

    Do you ever have those surreal moments in time where everything stops and you get a glimpse into reality and a true sense of self? Hi, I'm Jack. I just finished reading Millionaire Fastlane and the feeling of urgency to turn my life around is heavy. Making it through each chapter put a...
  9. PureA

    What's an 'MJ approved' book on financial planning aka managing your money.

    After some years I have some idea how to make money... how about keeping it? I am a complete amateur in this field. The financial world is all a foreign language to me. I am cautious learning from someone who is preaching slowlane principles on reddit etc. What's the fastlane bible in keeping...
  10. R

    Possible solution to create a non-drinking culture?

    I'm all for personal choice but I "got" the wisdom of alcohol - don't ever drink! I haven't for many years. It's so obvious the destruction that takes place in every aspect of life due to drinking alcohol. Here's my possible solution starting in the US: Alcohol causes $250 billion in costs a...
  11. izraelinspired

    INTRO What's Your View On a Degree in Fine Art

    Hello Great people! I completed high school last year, but don't even know what course to study in the university. In the country I am from, if you don't enter the university after you're done with your secondary school you are seen as a failure. So I need your advice. I have read millionaire...
  12. D

    OFF-TOPIC El salvador

    Wanted to ask the gang here what your thoughts on el salvador working with bitcoin as a new currency also i believe you can invest in bitcoin and become a citizen and in the country with no capital gain taxes.
  13. JaceG

    BOOK Incerto Collection - Nassim Taleb

    So I'm sitting here drinking during my lunch break that I started about a half-hour ago and will go on for another 2 hours because I measured my time and energy to money ratio, wrote it down into a set of parameters to follow, all things I learned from 2 authors. First, Nassim Taleb, who I'm in...
  14. S

    Government "Shutdown" in October?

    I just read an article saying that we're about to reach the "debt ceiling" again. This happened in around 2014 or so I remember and they shut down parks and stuff. I don't know what will happen but any predictions on price of cryptocurrency, silver, gold, stocks, etc?
  15. K

    How to buy a business that is making a loss?

    Hi all. So just now, I got a fantastic opportunity to buy a beauty clinic and incorporate it into what will become a chain of clinics. Long story short, 2 doctors bought the clinic, one got sick and stopped working. The other didnt have time to work sufficient to make the place make a profit...
  16. P

    Cold-calling - any tips?

    Thing's stressful and ungrateful. Do you have any tips on how to do it effectively? Mine are: 1. Speak slowly and loudly. 2. Try to speak in the similar manner to the person.
  17. P

    What should i do?

    I m making a website which is just unique from everyone idea. But i m sure that after i completed my website and when it get popular. Many will try to copy it. What should i do to avoid it?
  18. jlcodet

    INTRO I can't stop introducing myself....

    Hello the community, At fifty-nine years old, wading through the "script", after reading the first part of Unscripted (at least until chapter 27), you either commit suicide by realizing the shitty life you've lived so far (you're the living dead anyway), or you've hit your Ras-le-Bol event head...
  19. Sarthak_Tyagi

    Opinions on a business idea

    Wanted some opinions on a business idea. All ears to any criticism or suggestions for improvements. Suppose there is a website where 3 companies are registered on Let them be A B and C You being a user will visit the website and choose between these companies which you are more familiar with...
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