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  1. Davidla

    OFF-TOPIC Online Poker With Friends - Who Has a Solution?

    I've also had this trouble when trying to play with friends over the last few weeks. First we played an app called "Pokerrrrr 2" , which worked well the first time. Second time we tried to play, the app crashed or wouldn't let us in (think they couldn't handle the amount of traffic they were...
  2. Davidla

    Pay-Per-Call For Customer Support/Monthly Calls?

    In my remote agency I tried to solve this with a part time person doing account management (2hrs/day), and it didn't work. Customers/projects were higher touch, and things were delaying and not getting done because he wasn't able to get actual 2hrs/day work done. So he was just a very nice and...
  3. Davidla

    BUY OUT: How to find fair market multiple and value

    A few ideas that can help here: -businesses with more track record you could pretty easily get a range for the valuation/multiple. For examlpe, SaaS businesses on EmpireFlippers, FEI etc I normally see at 3-4X yearly profit multiple. -You can look at a range that is between the above, and...
  4. Davidla

    Potential Dead Wieght Business Partner

    Generally starting partnership with best friends is a BAD idea..unless it is clear what each one brings to the table and what role each one is going to do, and the two of you have great communication. If that's the case, then it is actually a GREAT to have a good friend as business parter. Is...
  5. Davidla

    Struggling 24 year old, trying to master brainstorming and picking something to run with...

    I hear you on the "pressure" to get started and be successful. I remember feeling the same way when I was 24. This is going to be a journey of growth, learning and most likely also failing on the way before reaching your dream levels of success.. Some of the ideas you've mentioned can be great...
  6. Davidla

    HOT TOPIC Podcast to figure out this coronavirus thing.

    There's definitely a lot of demand for the podcast :) Thursday works well in the afternoon. You can PM/FB message me to coordinate.
  7. Davidla

    HOT TOPIC Podcast to figure out this coronavirus thing.

    Hey @GIlman , love the idea of the podcast. While physically in the states, I've been keeping an eye on the COVID19 outbreak for a while through my family and friends in Israel (my home country), and think there many interesting things we can learn from the decisions made in Israel and how the...
  8. Davidla

    MEETUPS Colorado/Denver Lunch Meeting

    @AnneC I'm in for 2/2 Lunch meeting!
  9. Davidla

    Bootstrapping, initial capital-building failed! What now?

    a few questions & thoughts: What is the FB group about more or less? As others mentioned, you might be able to find some faster/less capital intensive methods of generating capital (sponsors, co-hosting webinar, giveaways etc).. How did you go from 6 figures profit a year with the last FB...
  10. Davidla

    WEB SCHOOL 2020 Web design + School Progress Thread

    @Fox Interesting development. Look forward to seeing your journey in this direction. A few ideas from friends who are living this way: -Small hinges swing big doors. They focus on a few high value clients. If you double your prices, you can do half the work and free up 2 weeks a month. In...
  11. Davidla

    MEETUPS Colorado/Denver Lunch Meeting

    Thanks for tagging me @AnneC. Would love to meet as well - I will be back first week of February if that works. How about Sunday, Feb the 2nd afteroon say 2pm in Denver? I'm not sure what's Kyle's forum name and if he is around anymore, but will definitely text him and Steve when we get...
  12. Davidla

    EXECUTION Breaking news: Colorado man pursues web design

    Goodluck @tigerbalm! The goals you set are very attainable from my personal experience, and I wouldn't be surprised if you would choose to modify them as you progress : )
  13. Davidla

    HOT TOPIC How to Buy a New Tesla For $5000

    I chose to go with another deal that's very different, buying out one of our B&M competitors. Haven't thought how the Tesla prize comes into play here..but will most likely evaluate how well the deal has gone after 12 months and pull the trigger then if the numbers are as planned.
  14. Davidla

    HOT TOPIC The Poor Man I Cant get a job: Flipping Stuff Log

    @MoreValue Check out "Undercover Billioanire"...(Thread: HOT TOPIC - The Undercover Billionaire: Building a $1m business in 90 days) You have a billioanire in his 50's going John Doe, getting thrown in a random rust belt town in PA..and with $200 and and old truck builds an amazing business in...
  15. Davidla

    Marketing Consulting Business Model? Big Opportunity! Need some help..

    @Ethan S I'd like to challenge you on this :) -If customers think your price is too high, they are rejecting your price and not you. -If you do it the right way, it will create a better name for yourself (Ethan is such an expert I can't afford him) -There is no real way to measure the value...
  16. Davidla

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    I like the idea/opportunity. One of my clients is a container construction company (, and they've discovered there is a lot of hype in the market for tiny houses/container homes. People see something amazing on social media, and then think they can get it built...
  17. Davidla

    GOLD! Let's Talk About Entrepreneurial Depression

    @AgainstAllOdds Thanks for starting the thread and sharing your experience. I think there's another important element/way of dealing with depression and avoiding it.. Mindfulness and true knowledge of the self. Connecting to something inside of you that's bigger than what society tells you...
  18. Davidla

    From Hustle Burnout to Working 10hrs/week and Loving Life

    I just read the "Hard 75" thread by @Fox, and it brought up an important point I think can be helpful for some. After achieving some success and getting to $100k/yr (after numerous years of failures), the initial motivation that fueled 'hard work' dissapeared. I looked at it as a Discpline...
  19. Davidla

    From Hustle Burnout to Working 10hrs/week and Loving Life

    Good point :) Regarding the A level players..I think it makes sense that their approach will change if there is a big change in the company vision/style. If you joined in order to help grow big and triple your salary.. you might decide to leave if the owner decides to drop the growth plans and...
  20. Davidla

    HOT TOPIC How to Buy a New Tesla For $5000

    For the business I was looking at (that was just sold earlier today for full asking price), it looked like they were just relying on Amazon Merchandise organic traffic. This idea can also work with starting side hustle/any other business.
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