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  1. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Got back in ETHE today for the first time since May. Small position; still being cautious here.
  2. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Cautiously optimistic right now. Need to see a break of the descending trendline around $45k before I'm willing to get really bullish again.
  3. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I know from personal experience, it sucks to watch a nice profit turn into a loss (I call them popcorn trades). It's easy to get into a mentality of letting profit start to reverse because you look at it as the house's money rather than your own, but it's not, it's all your money. I had to...
  4. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Just sitting here on the sidelines patiently waiting for the market to recover. Might take months, but will be well worth it.
  5. Bones81

    Good Entrepreneur Documentary: The Donut King

    Watched this on a flight over to Europe. The guy was a Cambodian refugee that came over in the 70s with literally nothing. Started off cleaning a church and pumping gas. Then got a job as a store manager for a donut shop, learned the biz, and eventually went on to own 70 donut shops across...
  6. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    Pre-ordered, looking forward to reading it.
  7. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Thankful for stop losses. Dipped my toe back into ETH with a small position today, but would not be surprised at all if it dumped again.
  8. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Not sure why everyone is upset at Vitalik for giving a bunch of scam coins that he wants nothing to do with to charity. If people are going to speculate on meme coins, they shouldn't be upset when their hand gets caught in the cookie jar.
  9. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I bought back into ETH today but with a smaller position (50% of portfolio rather than 75%). So sitting 50% in ETH, 25% BTC, and 25% cash. I've been watching the TTM Squeeze indicator on the CME BTC futures daily chart. Volatility has really come in, so potentially we could have a breakout...
  10. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Have been 75% ETH / 25% BTC the past few weeks, which has been insanely good to me. My trailing stop on ETH got hit today, so I'm out for the moment. Will see take a step back to see if there are still some legs on this ETH run or if it's going to pull back and consolidate for awhile. BTC has...
  11. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Well the trailing stop on my ETHE trade finally got hit today, had been in since 4/19. Disappointed to see it close but not going to complain about a 40% profit in just 2 weeks. I'm entirely focused on crypto for the time being. The potential of some of these projects are just amazing.
  12. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC I'm worried about the real estate market right now

    Bruce Flatt doesn't seem too worried about it.
  13. Bones81

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Unknown Market Wizards: The best traders you've never heard of This is the latest in Jack Swager's Market Wizards series. These are great books for anyone who is interested in trading. It presents people who trade in completely different ways, yet have many things in common (primarily risk...
  14. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I've only dabbled with BTC swing trading the futures contact. It's in a very bullish pattern with strong momentum behind it at the moment. Looking for an opportunity to buy at the next correction; a cycle analyst I follow is projecting it to top out at the end of this month and then correct down...
  15. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC Let's talk about franchising

    Selling franchises is definitely fastlane, buying them, well it depends. Some treat their franchisees better than others. I've been researching acquisitions and have run across a number of franchises. For anyone looking at buying one, I would recommend reading David Barnett's Franchise...
  16. Bones81

    OFF-TOPIC Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Fastlane Forum!

    Merry Christmas everyone. I've been binge watching Option Alpha videos all afternoon.
  17. Bones81

    HOT TOPIC If you had 1 million dollars, how would you invest it?

    I'm actually about to be in this situation. Leaving my slow lane banking job to take some time to travel, relax, and focus on health and happiness. Once my house sells, I'll be sitting on about this much in liquidity. Presently almost all my net worth outside the equity in my house is in the...
  18. Bones81

    EXECUTION Exiting the Slowlane by Buying a Business

    Finally came in yesterday, now 750 pages of businesses to comb through.
  19. Bones81

    RANT The Biggest Oil Company Offers Shares

    They're selling shares in Aramco because they need cash. The prolonged downturn in oil prices means they've had to cut back on some of the subsidies their citizens enjoy such as the cheap gasoline, etc. The royals are terrified of a potential Arab Spring, so they're keen on keeping on keeping...
  20. Bones81

    OFF-TOPIC Recommendations for Cities Near Good Skiing

    Hi All, Leaving the corporate grind in a few months to purchase and grow a business(es) in a mid to large city out west within an hour or two of good skiing. For people living in such a place, I wanted to see what the pros and cons are where you live and how they compare to other mountain...
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