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  1. Genius01

    EXECUTION Building an Authority Site in a hobby niche- on an expired domain.

    I'm currently in the process of building an authority site in a hobby niche, using an expired domain. It's in an evergreen hobby niche that is likely to be around even in the next 100 years and beyond (I hope, lol). **************** For those that don't know, An expired domain is an aged...
  2. Genius01

    Would you pay for a home delivery/shopping service currently (and in future)?

    I'm considering setting up a home delivery service, possibly in partnership with someone. Basically for someone to do your shopping for you at the retail stores (or other places), and deliver it to your doorstep, and save you the time and stress of queueing up and possible risks. I have a few...
  3. Genius01

    EXECUTION Journey into domain name trading (Digital Real Estate)

    I've decided to document my journey into domain name trading. I'll flesh this post out a little bit later on....quite very tired now....just had to post this right away to meet my deadline. Stay tuned. EDITED TO FLESH OUT POST: (WARNING- LONG POST AHEAD): Yeah, so I decided to go into domain...
  4. Genius01

    Cold Emailing experts- how can I send 500-750 cold emails per day, starting right now?

    I've been trying to kickstart my current business after a long hiatus from the business world (due to work pressures from my day job). However, I've been literally at my wit's end, .....almost banging my head against the wall, trying to solve a critical issue that may determine the success or...
  5. Genius01

    EXECUTION My goal- making $1 million dollars in PROFITS/year in 5 years time.

    My Goal is to be making 1 million dollars profit per year in 5 years time, from the sum of my online businesses. That is by March 15, 2023. Made this goal today March 15, 2018. Unbelievable? No. Difficult? Yes!! I know this might be "peanuts" for some of our FLF legends here, but its a...
  6. Genius01

    EXECUTION Launching my motivational membership site

    Hi guys, You can read a bit about my background in my Intro thread here: Introduction - Hi, medical doctor from a tropical African country The summary of it is that I'm a medical doctor from a developing country (Nigeria). I've been a classic textbook Slowlaner all my career life, though...
  7. Genius01

    Is it okay to launch my motivational membership site under a pseudonym?

    I'm about launching a motivational membership site dealing with how to achieve your goals. I'm a medical doctor in a developing country. I really value my anonymity because I like to be quiet and relatively unknown (core introvert and by default not active on most social media), and also for...
  8. Genius01

    Any recommendations for Facebook Ads experts on this forum?

    I'm about launching a membership site in personal development space. I definitely want to do Facebook ads. However, my earlier attempts at using it when I attempted to launch this site 6 months ago was very unencouraging. Besides Facebook ads seem to be notoriously unpredictable, (judging from...
  9. Genius01

    Where can I find the best quality lists in the personal development/success space?

    Where can I find the best quality lists in the personal development space? I'm about launching a product (membership site) in the personal development niche in a few days time. I'm looking to see if I can find people with quality lists in the space to do a mailing for me and help get the word...
  10. Genius01

    INTRO Hi, medical doctor from a tropical African country

    Hi guys, Been looking around the forum as a guest for a while (I think you guys are a bunch of really great guys), then finally decided to jump in and start getting my feet wet. I'm a medical doctor from Nigeria in my early 30s. I've been a classic textbook Slowlaner as far as career goes, all...
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