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  1. Itschancebruh

    Industry Research Tools

    Came across a company called Newzoo while doing some research on e sports. They state on their homepage, "We help professionals understand the consumer trends that are driving change in digital media and tech, providing the data required to make daily decisions on marketing, sales, and product...
  2. Itschancebruh

    EXECUTION FINALLY Some Direction!!!

    I'm sure you can assume this without me saying it, however, I will say it anyways! I want to be a Fastlaner and make OODLES of money before I'm old as dirt! For all of you that don't know me, as it would be odd if you did, I am only 21yo. With my whole life ahead of me, I am looking to get on...
  3. Itschancebruh

    INTRO 21yo Aspiring Fastlaner from Tucson AZ

    MYYYYY MANNNNNN!! Thankyou so much for the information on places to start! I've been trying to take action and don't have much direction on where to put my time! I will take your suggestions seriously, and pose 2 questions... At what point should I consider taking a course if any at all? And...
  4. Itschancebruh

    INTRO 21yo Aspiring Fastlaner from Tucson AZ

    OH GOODNESS!!! It's THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND!!! It's so good to get a response from you!!! You and Gary Vaynerchuk have completely shifted my perspectives on life, money, and work. Gary taught me how to sleep 5-6 hours a day and love it, and you've given me perspective on more things than...
  5. Itschancebruh

    INTRO 21yo Aspiring Fastlaner from Tucson AZ

    Hey Andy, Thankyou for the input and accompanying links. I just got out of the "wantrepreneur" mindset about a month ago. Most of my business ideas since are entirely founded on the principle of "how can I help others". I guess my real concern is this; where do I begin helping others when I...
  6. Itschancebruh

    INTRO 21yo Aspiring Fastlaner from Tucson AZ

    Hey all! ItsChanceBruh. You can find me on all Social Media Platforms under that handle. Just want to start off by giving the forum user "consultwithu" a shoutout! I was reading Millionaire Fastlane outside of a Starbucks when he passed by me and called out, "That's a good book! Get on the...
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