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  1. Strider

    RANT Feeling Jealous and seeking attention

    Hey guys Have a little rant here, maybe some of you have gone through this and can give me some advice. I'm 20 yo, studying Engineering and doing decently (not much effort in the past, but grew a bit and am ready to start doing some shit), I have tons of extracurricular stuff and I'm quite...
  2. Strider

    Feedback on idea needed. Rebranding and going for the message

    Was talking to a friend that has a computer building business about joining in, we talked and talked. He already got a few thousand from it, around 30 pcs built and sold online. We were trying to figure out where to go from next, expanding the business and my skills are more related to...
  3. Strider

    EXECUTION Strider will stop wandering

    (LotR reference in title) Who I am: - 19 yo - Studying in my country's top college, original Math but changing to Electronic and Computer Engineering or CS and Computer Engineering. What I did wrong: - Didn't really make an effort in my last course, in the classes I tried to go I had an...
  4. Strider

    Deciding between Electronic Engineering vs Computer Science

    Hey guys, I'm 19 and after a year of studying Applied Mathematics I decided to change to something more concrete and less theoretical (easier), I love math and physics but just letters, numbers and abstract things while fun make me feel like I'm missing out, I'd love to study it and focus on it...
  5. Strider

    RANT Feeling stuck in a rut, any life advice (19 yo)?

    Hello everyone. Need to vent a bit and maybe get some advice from you older guys. So I'm 19 and in college. I have been an A/A+ all my life without much effort, I thought I was smart and all. Came to my college (top in my country) to mathematics, I wasn't really that interested (more into the...
  6. Strider

    Advice: Stay at homeor rent a room near college?

    Hey guys, need some advice. Next year I'm going for Engineering and will attempt to pursue a space related "career" (get involved in that area at first, might change focus if something comes up). The colleges I have in mind are are quite good but cheap, so I don't have to sacrifice my future...
  7. Strider

    INTRO Strider - Once again

    Hello everyone, I'm Strider from southern europe, I'm a few weeks of being 19 years old and I've "been here" for a while (had a few months of inactivity) and I've done nothing with it. I'm currently studying in college, not liking it and thinking of changing courses to something easier and more...
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