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  1. GoGetter24

    HOT TOPIC What Are Some Examples of High Income Skills?

    Easy to find out. Step 1. Produce a bunch of fake BS resumes for random jobs with random skillsets and post them on job boards in various cities using a different email/phone number for each using a throwaway service. Step 2. See how desperately recruiters try to call each of the numbers and...
  2. GoGetter24

    .kitchen .online .app .blog etc.. - crap or worth it?

    They rank based on inbound links, just like any other domain. No one ever got rich from a good business name or good website URL. "Microsoft" is basically a manhood insult. "Micro soft dot com" sounds like some weird fetish porn website. And they became the biggest company in the world. The...
  3. GoGetter24

    HOT TOPIC Tony Robbins sells out; reveals his Paradox of Practice, cringeworthy.

    Who gives a shit? All the time people waste talking about "dem guruz is bad uh huh!", why? Just ignore them, work like a mule, and focus on getting rich. As an aside, compound interest does work. Ingredients: You have a company and you reinvest the profits. For instance, at an average...
  4. GoGetter24

    How to set up multinational business?

    The basic concept I'm trying to get some pointers on is this: Let's say I'm based in the US, and I provide accounting services. I grow, and I decide that certain back-office purely paperwork functions could be done by lets say Mongolians, for about the same reliability and half the price. How...
  5. GoGetter24

    RANT Should I be paying this much in taxes?!?

    Even the Helots, the slaves of the Spartans, got to keep half of what they made. Interestingly, they couldn't own weapons either -- only the state (the Spartans) could do that. For reasons not unconnected to the 50% tax bit... The more things change the more they stay the same.
  6. GoGetter24

    RANT My brother tried to kill me and my family did nothing about it.

    Run. Work out a plan to leave the whole city and start again elsewhere, carry it out ASAP, ditch all phone numbers they could contact you on, never contact them again as long as you all live, and don't come back.
  7. GoGetter24

    RANT Should I be paying this much in taxes?!?

    :rofl: When someone complains about a 18% tax burden... when you know people paying about 50%. And then you remember you pay way more than 18% too... :mad:
  8. GoGetter24

    How can I outsource part of my business

    That's the one. Obviously don't expect it to go smoothly, just like anything else; will take a while to screen through someone who's a good match for both what you want and the style of work (remote).
  9. GoGetter24

    HOT TOPIC The Developer Hourly Rate

    It's not; that's consistent with what I've seen quoted. One guy quoted $300, because he was getting that elsewhere (due to reputation / years of experience). My guess is that us plebs just aren't capable of actually detecting what is a "junior" and a "senior" and other levels in between. It...
  10. GoGetter24

    How can I outsource part of my business

    1. Work out what you least like to do 2. Work out which of those things are the cheapest and/or most effective to outsource 3. Hit up online boards with "remote work opportunity", e.g. web development work: Ukraine university boards, customer service work: Philippines job boards, something only...
  11. GoGetter24

    Some advice please, regarding a business start up

    Based on having done it myself (the ones marked in green are the only ones you must absolutely have to start): First, be absolutely clear on what the business play is, and what you're aiming to get out of it. If you don't have this, you don't have a success gauge or "marker when to ditch it"...
  12. GoGetter24

    NOTABLE! How many Business Failures did you have before success?

    It's widely anecdotally accepted that the lower the price point, the more complaints and returns. I found this myself, everyone I talked to found this, and every speaker in real-life or YouTube I listened to said this. The less money people spend, the more they complain and demand. It's to do...
  13. GoGetter24

    HOT TOPIC How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    Yeah, @RazorCut, you're right. The UK is on the up and up, so is Europe, terrorism will slowly peter out and become a thing of the past, the state arresting people for speech or thought crimes never ended badly and will fade out rather than accelerating, your kids have a bright future, the tax...
  14. GoGetter24

    HOT TOPIC How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    Yeah your European governments take the cake for "parasitic scum thugs". If I lived in the UK my only plan would be how to get out before the state found an excuse to arrest me for something I said, I got stabbed by streetscum (who wouldn't get arrested), or I got blown up by terrorists. But...
  15. GoGetter24

    RANT I hate gurus, I have a poor mindset, I'm afraid to sell and I'm trapped in my own mind.

    Yeah, that's what you need, to read some more books. :bored: FFS. Go and work as a salesman for somebody else to learn the ropes, just like everyone else has. Dan Lok sought out the best salesman he could find and paid him to work for him as an assistant for a year. You have to filter out...
  16. GoGetter24

    RANT Google is not your friend

    It's more an issue of the size of the company (which to be fair, is also why you care so much about getting listed on their service). It's not possible for a big company to consist solely of bright and efficient people (as much as they try to get as many as they can), and it's not possible for...
  17. GoGetter24

    What I’ve learned so far looking for business ideas

    I'm interested to know why I concurrently hear and observe the following: 1. Lawyers can bill at $350/hour. Some bill at $1000/hour or higher. "Doctors and lawyers". A law firm partner make $1M/year. "Barristers" (which my UK friend tells me means a court-lawyer) live in the rich parts of...
  18. GoGetter24

    Adapting to this Chaotic Restricting Social Climate

    Yeah f*ck all that off. The only businesses that should be worrying about that stuff are those in the mental health industry. The best solution to that bullshit is to leave whatever nutbag country is imposing it on you, and move to a business-friendly one. You only get one life, so don't burn...
  19. GoGetter24

    HOT TOPIC Is Elon Musk a fraud?

    Yes it is, unless he's the one forcing the transactions. You do business in the country you have, under the government you have, not in some libertarian utopia that doesn't exist. There is nothing morally inconsistent with using the power of the state while concurrently saying it shouldn't...
  20. GoGetter24

    £50,000/week sitting in the bank

    Not with interest rates as they currently are; little point doing anything but sitting on it.
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