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  1. MotionDesign

    EXECUTION Building a community on YouTube from scratch

    You seem very natural in front of the camera. Liked it! Also, I really like the quick tip short videos. I recommend using this site for finding good color combinations for your thumbnails Coolors - The super fast color schemes generator!.
  2. MotionDesign

    GOLD! Gravy's Hustle Thread: $100k/mo or Bust!

    Well...that was f*cking awesome!
  3. MotionDesign

    EXECUTION Building a community on YouTube from scratch

    Sounds exciting! Looking forward to seeing this thread and the progress. Feel like we are trying to do pretty much the same thing but in different niches. By the way, will you be posting your channel here or will you keep it hidden for now? Good luck :)!
  4. MotionDesign

    EXECUTION Figuring out YouTube

    Excellent thread Andy! Especially love your videos on growing an email list with google ads. Super informative! I was checking out your channel/video view. Have you thought about maybe playing with colors and graphic a bit more in the thumbnails? Brian Dean is a good example of someone who has...
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