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  1. masterneme

    EXECUTION Building a digital entertainment empire

    Hi, I think this is a good moment to start posting about my progress. I will try to write a weekly update if I'm not busy. By now I won't post any links to my stuff because I don't want to look like I'm self-promoting, but if you tell me that this is OK I'll put some so you can tell me what...
  2. masterneme

    I don't understand what exactly is a lead generation business

    Hello, To make things clear I know what is lead generation and I know how "some" lead generation business models work. The reason I'm writing this is because in the book MJ DeMarco explains that he makes money selling the leads created through his limousine searching services, and this is what...
  3. masterneme

    INTRO I'm a Sidewalker and it f-ing s*cks

    Hi, I'm writing from Barcelona (Spain). This book... has changed my life! Well, not yet... but now it's on! You see, a couple of years ago I arrived to this amazing city determined to become an NLP pro, brilliant hypnotist, to start an empire and change the world as the Master of the...
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