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    Best use of your time vs. enjoyment of your time

    MJ has a really good post about time management,
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    Still alive and kickin'

    Welcome Lance. You are truely a great individual, for your service for our country and military, in addition to what you do on your site, and the traits and knowledge that you instill into your kids, and clients.
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    Software that writes its own code.

    That sounds really cool. Is it similar to how you can save a document in microsoft word as a web page, and it will create the correct html coding based on the document?
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    OFF-TOPIC First Annual Fastlane Beer and Pancakes Breakfast Meetup!

    Great Idea. Along the same lines, I have wanted to have a get get together/hang for those on the east coast, specifically the northeastern part part of the USA. I am currently in central NJ, an hour from NY, and an hour from philly. I know that Chris Piranha is from NJ/NY, and I believe there...
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    Vh1's Show-the Pickup Artist

    I would definitely think that sales and or marketing skills would help you to acquire more property, and also good tennants. You want the tennant to think that you are trustworthy, you are not going to give them a hard time if they have any problems. you will take care of any repairs or come to...
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    Vh1's Show-the Pickup Artist

    I am currently watching VH1's show "The Pickup Artist" and find it very interesting from both a dating-meeting others of the opposite sex, and also a personal growth sales perspective. A lot of what "Mystery" who is the coach/teacher teaches seems to be similar to what would be taught in a sales...
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    OFF-TOPIC Thots about the RD get together and RK . . .

    Re: Wimmin I thought that he was all for networking, building teams, sharing ideas and so forth. Isn't that what we do or try to do on the rich dad forums, and on here?
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    Dating others with a similar mindset

    I know that finding others with a similar mindset is very important. I, myself would never want to get into a serious relationship with a girl who does not share a similar mindset, or at least does not have an open mind to learn about financial freedom, investing, etc. Where does one find...
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    garfield, nj

    Hey Cash. I am a 25 year old male from South Brunswick, New Jersey. I am in between Princeton and New Brunswick
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