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  1. ApparentHorizon

    OFF-TOPIC I Think I'm on the Autism Spectrum, and I Don't Want to Admit It.

    Nearly 2 years ago, my doctor friends asked me if I had high functioning autism. Which I laughed off as probably, with deprecating humor. I knew I was always "different." I hate authority with a passion! But I will respect them, because I'm an authority in my own right, by being an employer. I...
  2. ApparentHorizon

    WEB SCHOOL PSA: Google Charging for reCaptcha. hCaptcha pays you instead!

    Cloudflare just announced they're switching to hCaptcha. hCaptcha allows companies to buy data labeling at scale so your visitors train their AI. You then get a cut of that money. I've always hated the reCaptcha implementation, but it's the best out there. Especially with their v3. (Except...
  3. ApparentHorizon

    Anyone know how to get your facebook business domain unbanned?

    I hired someone to take care of a business page. They were doing great until it came time to post up products. They spammed and got the domain blacklisted. Now ads won't even publish. I've tried writing FB on the issue, through their various reporting and contact forms. But dead silence. Any...
  4. ApparentHorizon

    OFF-TOPIC Equifax is paying you $125 if you were affected by the 2017 breach

    Nearly half the US was affected by this. Check if your name, and friends and family is on there. Takes less than 5 min to file a claim. If you need credit monitoring (a requirement to file the claim), credit karma is a good site to use.
  5. ApparentHorizon

    REAL ESTATE Help with new housing near the nice side of downtown

    Prime location, right next to where the town events happen. 4th of July, city cookouts, festivals, etc. So the area is well maintained. I remember reading a while back that you can get a 60% appreciation if you get in early on new neighborhoods. All they posted online was floor plans for...
  6. ApparentHorizon

    Marketing that Got Your Attention!

    Sell Me This PEN! It's been a while since a piece of marketing grabbed my attention. Between the email templates, and the generic flyers. The industry still continues to suffer from ad blindness and the ever increasing noise of digital outreach. However, today I received a peculiar envelope...
  7. ApparentHorizon

    OFF-TOPIC What Tech Are You Eyeing This Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

    What tech is everyone eyeing this Friday and Monday? (Feel free to post non tech stuff too) Protip: Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. (price history) Honey (coupons) This SSD is looking good right now. Great for laptops...
  8. ApparentHorizon

    EXECUTION Road to $500k/mo with Social Media as a Side Hustle

    Premise: There seems to be a whitespace in an industry that's supersaturated with bro-marketers and terrible products. Based on similar brands in this space, $500k/mo is doable as a 5 year goal. With the first year, ending at $10k/mo, using a subscription based model. This is not taking into...
  9. ApparentHorizon

    OFF-TOPIC Looks Like Atlantis Has Been Found...

    Apparently one of those late night conspiracy theory channels, which you get lost in at 1am, put forth the most compelling evidence of Atlantis' existence. There's a part 2 to the video, but he just rehashes everything from the first. Only a few new pieces of information is that the city...
  10. ApparentHorizon

    Turning $1 into $1000 in NYC in 5 Days

    Guy starts out with $1 and hustles his way to 1k in a couple of days. Some great lessons on entrepreneurship in general, showing how it's not just a straight line. Rather waves of happyiness and stress. The kitchen deal was really thinking outside the box, around day 3 or 4 I think. The only...
  11. ApparentHorizon

    Any fans of Kevin O'Leary? Words of Wisdom from Mr. Wonderful

    tl;dw - Be able to fire your mother - Fire non-fits (cultural, attitude, public perception) in your company. Different from non performers - Be able to explain your idea SIMPLY in 60-90 seconds - Invest in teams that solve for the leader's weaknesses - - Great entrepreneurs know their weakness...
  12. ApparentHorizon

    Kickstart Your 6-Figure Sales Funnel Agency Within 72 Hours

    One of the best ways to get into a market is to start fresh. When a new technology or developments comes out, there are usually opportunities to kickstart a new business venture. It's how I started my first biz and how you too can. This one is not going to last, so the faster you take action...
  13. ApparentHorizon

    Whattup nerds, New Zealand is Making Games to Teach You Business

    NZ is apparently spending $150k to make a Tech Tycoon and Restaurant Tycoon game that teaches you how to be a CEO. Government spends $150,000 to create video game to teach people how to run a business Actually this may be a bit more interesting to turn your kids onto. Now the same dopamine...
  14. ApparentHorizon


    quick and dirty calculations and musings... (someone double check the math lol) Every day $50 Billion dollars exchanges hands as a result of Goods and Services provided, in the US. Every day $300 Billion dollars is transacted on the stock exchange, in the US. GWP (Gross World Product) is...
  15. ApparentHorizon

    WEB/DIGITAL ARTICLE 13: What the Actual Hell Europe?

    TL;DR: - It hasn't gone into effect yet, and still needs additional approval, but the initial vote passed - Algorithms determine if your uploaded content is copyrighted (images, quotes, code) (think YT content ID) - If you own an online community in the EU, you're responsible for your member's...
  16. ApparentHorizon

    Inside the Mind of the $20 Billion Dollar Man: Elon Musk Internal Letter to Employees

    Apparently this just came out from the man himself: Progress First, congratulations are in order! We have now completed our third full week of producing over 2000 Model 3 vehicles. The first week was 2020, the second was 2070 and we just completed 2250 last week, along with 2000 Model S/X...
  17. ApparentHorizon

    OFF-TOPIC If You Could Start a Charity What Would It Be and Why?

    If You Could Start a Charity What Would It Be and Why?
  18. ApparentHorizon

    Have Trouble Coming up with the Next Million Dollar App? Look No Further...

    Reddit, whats your million dollar app idea that you never built? • r/AskReddit
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