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  1. SeeYouAtTheTop

    My Life Has Been A Faulty Belief Of A 5 Year Old

    I want to share this with the community because I just got done reading the NOTABLE thread, and I’ve recently done something which has left me disgusted with myself, but now I’m in a new space of possibility and potential growth. I want to start by saying I highly recommend Jordan Peterson to...
  2. SeeYouAtTheTop

    Why I LOVE Going To The Gym In January (Intro To The Squatting Principle)

    “Everyone wants to get big, but nobody wants to lift this heavy a$$ weight.” --Kai Greene I know this blog isn’t about weight lifting or working out, however I must write this post due to what I’m reading in Unscripted right now, and what I’ve experienced in the past 6+ years of weight...
  3. SeeYouAtTheTop

    Pick Up The Phone And Call Your Contacts!

    With the holiday season having come and gone, I want to offer a gift to the community. This is a secret my mentor told me which I’ve put into practice, and has given me excellent results. CALL YOUR CONTACT LIST!! Here’s the short story, followed by some action steps. I have this acquaintance...
  4. SeeYouAtTheTop

    INTRO Hello From Fort Lauderdale

    Hello, My name is Phillip and I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I'm a student at Florida International University studying Economics. I came across both books, The Fastlane and Unscripted, through friends who have read it, and who also recommended it. I have read both books and I'm...
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