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  1. Chimp

    How to become well rounded in building an online presence?

    I've started building websites with the purpose of helping other businesses acquire more customers a month/more monthly revenue but am not sure how to achieve that exactly outside of the website itself. How do I become well rounded in the tasks that building an online business presence requires...
  2. Chimp

    RANT Does Anyone Else Feel Bad for Everyone Without a Fastlane Mindset?

    When I see people I sometimes start to feel bad for them because they're okay with mediocrity. It may be condescending but I genuinely feel bad for these people. They know nothing besides working till retirement. I had a conversation someone and they were talking about how they want to save a...
  3. Chimp

    EXECUTION Chimp's Journey to Freedom

    Where I'm Starting I'm quite excited right now. I just purchased the Devi theme for wordpress for the sake of following this Before I continue on with this thread I...
  4. Chimp

    Will you let this small problem stop you from becoming rich?

    While trying the demo version of the divi wordpress theme I ran into a couple problems. I took a break and thought about all the minor and even major inconveniences I'll run into on my way to to becoming rich. During this break I thought about how minor something like this problem was and how...
  5. Chimp

    INTRO Hello

    I don't have much to say to warrant an intro to an entire forum but I see it's pretty much a rule to post here first. I'm a sophomore in highschool that want's to make money. I've always wanted to make money on my own since I was little. My ideas then were small like vending machines or...
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