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    Where would you live if you can go anywhere on the world?

    you have the choice to start all over again... Example: -you are in your early 20s -you have a passive online income of xxk a month -xxxk in your bank account -you know how to spend your money responsible -have no ties to family /friends and are free to go wherever you want on the world...
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    Whats the Best Place on Earth for Self Improvement ?

    thx 'Anywhere you go, there you are' I prefer living in a nice place with good people over a shithole with lots of crime, this would influence my desire to go out and do stuff but I understand what you are trying to say. yes I started meditation again a month ago but not regularly, most of...
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    Whats the Best Place on Earth for Self Improvement ?

    My situation in life: Positive: -made enough money to support my lifestyle for the next 10 years -22 years old -traveled the world the past 3 years -working out in the gym regularly, doing sports like martial arts -handling business online, takes very little time while making good profits -not...
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