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  1. Limitless4Life

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    I ran with this idea and built my own HTML website from scratch for my local community: Southie COVID-19 Guide To Eating Out I literally just bought a udemy course on web development, stumbled upon this post and gave it a go. It's ugly, I know (first site!). I'm currently blasting the link out...
  2. Limitless4Life

    HOT TOPIC Crushing the Comfort Zone

    Great video on comfort by Andrew Tate, a world champion kick boxer (and very interesting controversial figure).
  3. Limitless4Life

    Fast Track My Sales Journey

    Record yourself. Listen back. And ask yourself, “would I want to listen to me?” Use your judgement to adjust your pitch as needed. Ask others as well.
  4. Limitless4Life

    If you're a musician, you're definitely an entrepreneur!

    I was in the same boat - been playing guitar for 10 years and have played in many bands/gigs. Remember - It’s truly a game where the top 1% takes all since there’s practically no barrier to entry. And like MJ says, doing it for a living can kill your love. Beware of the wonder twin, “do what...
  5. Limitless4Life

    Record your phone calls. I need to recommend this app.

    My company has similar software. Super useful for sales calls/cold calls to learn how to improve your pitch.
  6. Limitless4Life

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    I always wondered why there are no gyms in airports. Or ‘nap rooms’. I’d pay $10/hr for a bed in the airport instead of laying on the ground using my backpack as a pillow. Imagine hitting heavy weights/cardio then sauna before your flight? Grab a juice/protein shake on the way out... That...
  7. Limitless4Life

    Money does NOT equal happiness

    Happiness is a skill, just like making money.
  8. Limitless4Life

    RANT Why do so many books sound like TMF?

    No idea how you see similarities. They’re night and day. I could see the unscripted purposed saving section as being similar..but that’s about it imo.
  9. Limitless4Life

    O/T: HEALTH Why do people assume it takes long to build a decent body?

    Naval: "The oldest problems have the oldest answers" Lose weight: Caloric deficit Gain weight: Caloric surplus Both: train your body and eat whole foods Both: create systems that create habits to do those things w/out the reliance on willpower. There it is - 95% of it..and that will be $97 please
  10. Limitless4Life

    FEATURED! The Fastlane To Fitness (Advice From A 20 Year Old Born 46 Years Ago!)

    New post today! Do this every morning: View:
  11. Limitless4Life

    FEATURED! The Fastlane To Fitness (Advice From A 20 Year Old Born 46 Years Ago!)

    Jeff is world class in the fitness space. He emphasizes training like an athlete - “you can train long or you can train hard, but you can’t do both”. He debunks the no carb bs. He understands the human body more than any bro bodybuilder out there. Plus, he’s entertaining; I’ll admit I’m guilty...
  12. Limitless4Life

    HOT TOPIC Want to make millions? Here's your list of products to import.

    Any reliable resources/websites for how to best go through Step 1: Go through the list and identify the products where China is a top producer, and there's a large demand in the U.S. ? :clench:
  13. Limitless4Life

    HOT TOPIC Want to make millions? Here's your list of products to import.

    I believe this is a list as well, except with 28 pages: China Tariffs List | Internal Combustion Engine | Machine Tool From this BusinessInsider Article: Trump is slapping tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods — here's the full list of products that will get hit
  14. Limitless4Life

    GOLD! This is what 60 Pounds (27 KGS) Looks Like

    The flour is an eye opening way to think about it. A few lbs of ground beef will also do the trick!
  15. Limitless4Life

    GOLD! How to create monetary wealth in just 5 years. (Or less!)

    But...where are the exact steps?
  16. Limitless4Life

    MEETUPS Northern Virginia (NoVA) Meetup

    I'm interested in meeting up w/ ppl from this area. I'm just outside of DC
  17. Limitless4Life

    INTRO Thirty Years Early to the Party

    Check out The War of Art by Steven Pressfield: It helped me to finish and publish my ebook.
  18. Limitless4Life

    INTRO 24 y.o and fed up with 9 to 5. Looking for fastlane.

    Hi there Tom! Doubt is normal and everyone goes through it. Will you conquer it? Be patient and realize the mountain you're looking at right now is climbed one step at a time. Good luck.
  19. Limitless4Life

    NOTABLE! What is the WORST "value" you ever paid for?

    Bottle(s) of Jack Daniels
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