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  1. nyc217

    How does a super market POS system work?

    Hey Fastlane forum, I’m super excited — getting to work on an idea where I finally see an actual market need and can provide value for a specific set of end users. I am just curious, has anyone on here worked closely with a POS system or just simply knows of POS systems in depth, specifically...
  2. nyc217

    Do They Own Me?

    Hey Fastlane, Currently, Ii am employed by a company as a software developer and enjoy it. But, in their contract they state, “you assign your rights to any and all inventions to us....”. Yeah i should not have signed it to begin with, but really wanted a job in general, especially programming...
  3. nyc217

    Habits For Desert Of Desertion

    I know MJ really touched on this in Unscripted. But just out of curiosity, I wanted to know something. What have some of you done in order to make the walk through the dessert of desertion a bit more enjoyable, if that's even possible? Or just make it in general, other than a strong why or pure...
  4. nyc217

    INTRO Hello From NYC

    Hello Fastlane Forum, New to the community and read both The Millionaire Fastlane along with Unscripted. I am a 22 year old software developer from New York City who is currently working on a software related idea, stuck at a job I hate, broke, and FULLY SURROUNDED BY THE the 'Dessert Of...
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