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    SaaS for doctors: There's need, why aren't competitor products being used yet?

    Hi there, I'm currently working on a SaaS solution for doctors and medical practices to automate calendar scheduling. Here's how it works: Doctors enter a list of services that they offer into my software. They provide a short description and the time they expect it to take them. Doctors offer...
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    I want to leave my home town and go somewhere productive. Where should I go?

    Hi everyone, I'm at a point in life where I feel that I need to go. I am living in a small town in southern Germany and I hate how less people with a similar mindset of me live here. Assuming I'd have no restrictions regarding visa etc. where would you go? I am quite skilled and very motivated...
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    Which percentage should I pay sales agents?

    Hi! I developed a SaaS product that I'm launching now. One sold account results in an average revenue of 3000$ per year. My product only applies to a nieche market of approx 15000 businesses. This is why it is very hard reaching them and I'd like selling only via sales agents visiting those...
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    How to deal with non-contributing business partner?

    I am having a real problem right now. My business partner and I are developing a SaaS product. We do not have customers yet. Though, our actual product is almost finished, we have approximately 85% of the functionality implemented. With my work ethics, I am confident we could finish by Oktober...
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    Approaching commercial customers/B2B

    Hello everyone, I am currently developing a product that I think is very useful and has a great need where applicable. It is basically a kind of a fixture for an electric device used mostly by construction companies but also by ordinary people who're building stuff at home. My plan from now on...
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    INTRO 18 y/o from Germany

    Hello everyone, my name is Dominik, I'm 18 years old and living near Lake Constance, Germany. I am currently in my senior year of what's propably the equivalent of High School in the U.S. and soon to be graduated. When I was 12 I started learning HTML with my best friend. We were inspired by the...
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