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  1. Limitless4Life

    Seneca: On The Shortness Of Life

    I thought I would share this essay because it has a lot of correlations with UnScripted. Be warned though, it will make you uncomfortable. It takes ~30 minutes to read and I recommend giving full attention to it. Full text of "Seneca On The Shortness Of Life" Take-Aways: - A 70-year old...
  2. Limitless4Life

    Emojis in Copywriting?

    Just finished the Astonishing Secrets thread by what an eye-opener. The thread sparked an interest in copywriting, and I was wondering if emojis are a tool in the copywriting toolbox like the 'money' words such as "because", "you", "free" etc. Is there such a thing as 'money'...
  3. Limitless4Life

    PUBLISHING Rate My Book Idea

    How to Score 1,000 Points It's for high school basketball. I'm 22 and was a 1,000 point scorer. I have a ton of experience with sports and want to write a book to help kids going into high school with their journey to 1,000. I want to share my stories, strategies and lessons I've learned...
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