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  1. andviv

    Wowed by selfish-less customer service

    If you have read MJ's book and/or have been here in the forum for some time, you know that he talks a lot about meeting and exceding customers' expectations. Well, this simple example made my day. I was looking for a place in the DC area for a DEXA Scanning. Unfortunately from google searches...
  2. andviv

    rebalancing 401(k) account

    I have a 401(k) account and I am looking forward to rebalance it as it got transferred from Nationwide to Fidelity. My assumptions for my updates will be: * High inflation will hit the US economy this year * Consumers will not spend that much for the next couple of years * High interest rates...
  3. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC Living Life -- Fitness

    I used to be into physical activity all the time when younger. I am sure many can relate to this feeling. Played soccer, rode a bike, was all over the place... I injured both knees playing soccer. Surgeries and therapy to recover, but never dedicated the time and effort to get back to it...
  4. andviv


    I just completed the first day if Insanity. OMG this was just the fitness test. I almost puked. Tomorrow will be interesting. Who else has done it? I started it a few months back and only complete 10 days... I just got started today as a way to feel fitter and be better for the holidays...
  5. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC Legless Formula 1 driver - Inspirational

    Alex Zanardi talks about his transition from Formula 1 driver to Paralympic Gold medalist. Video - Legless F1 driver - Gold Medalist Goodbye excuses.
  6. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC 2013 B&P - How to pay for it

    Countdown to B&P 2013 in Scottsdale As of today, there are 134 days for the B&P A common issue is the lack of money to attend the event. Based on my previous experience, and after asking a few others, I came to the conclusion you should need around $1K-$1.2K to make it there for that weekend...
  7. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC Living Life -- Skydiving

    Another one from the bucket list that I can cross off.... Promise you won't laugh at me... Well, go ahead, laugh, but I did it. 11,400 ft Around 43 seconds of free fall... Groupon for skydiving: $130 Gas: $20 Paid for the Video: $80 Living life....
  8. andviv

    How I use the forum...

    I want to share a few tips about how to use the forum. Please free to add yours as well, to help others make it a more productive experience here. So, to get started, my first action when I get into the forum is to press the Settings link on the top menu. This shows me the list of threads...
  9. andviv

    O/T: FUNNY 1st world 'Problems'

    I saw this conversation in facebook this morning. My friend lives in Miami. Are these, really, the problems we have here in America? I LOVE IT!!!
  10. andviv

    MEETUPS Washington DC Fastlaners Meetup

    Calling on all the DC area fastlaners (yeah, you guys from Baltimore and Richmond are welcome as well). I will update this post when we get the details. Place: Bluberi's at Fair Oaks Mall Date: Sept 30th time: 2:30 pm Attendees...
  11. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC Private Pilot license?

    I have been thinking about private pilot license for quite some time. I was wondering how many here have it, or are taking classes to get their license. Do you fly your own airplane? Rent one? How was the experience of getting the license? Thanks in advance. An example of costs in a...
  12. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC Living Life -- Concerts

    One of the pleasures of life is to enjoy the arts, including music. Each of us has a different musical taste, for sure. But I am sure we all agree that live music is great. Last night I attended a concert with Lita Ford, Poison and Def Leppard. Had a blast. What concerts have you gone to this...
  13. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC Living Life -- Surfing

    In my "bucket list" I had learn to surf as a pending item. For the 4th of July weekend, I went with some friends and the kids to the beach to surf. A friend of mine has two boards and offered to teach me how to do it. We went to Ocean City, MD and spent a couple of days learning it. I was...
  14. andviv

    "Stalker Mode" ?

    Is there a way in vbulletin to "stalk" somebody? Say, I want to follow all posts and threads by biophase, jack edward, vigilante, runum, rickson9, etc because I see they provide a lot of value in their comments. Is there a way to do that easily in the forum software?
  15. andviv

    OFF-TOPIC Bmw 325 ci?

    I wonder if any one here can provide feedback on a BMW 325 CI? I am thinking of buying a soft-top convertible and this one caught my attention. I've never owned a soft-top convertible, and never owned a BMW either. Any first-hand input would be great. Thanks.
  16. andviv

    The Easiest Way to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

    The Easiest Way to Succeed as an Entrepreneur Altucher Confidential [/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
  17. andviv

    About building Mobile Applications

    There have been a couple of good questions and comments about building mobile applications. Disclaimers: I have been working with mobile apps for the past 2.5 years only. I have only work building apps for customers who pay for the app and give it for free to their clients. Again, I have not...
  18. andviv

    Wayfair's Road to $1 Billion

    Wayfair's Road to $1 Billion | Of course thought of a couple of people from the forum. And here are most of us trying to make money the hard way. Great story.
  19. andviv

    REAL ESTATE 14-year-old buys a property, fixes it, rents it out

    Video - Breaking News Videos from
  20. andviv

    Merchant accounts

    I wanted to start this thread to get a feeling for what other fastlaners are getting from their merchant accounts in regards to fees and services. For example, Bank of America is offering us this: $25 setup fee $94.75 annual fee $9.99 Monthly fee 1.99% Discount rate (Visa, Mastercard...
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