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  1. Ecom man

    O/T: HEALTH Down 47lbs since Dec 2018

    For the food and exercise I’m currently doing see the next post... I’ve debated writing this thread multiple times over the last few months but I’ve started “diets” before and can never seem to make anything stock beyond a couple of months. I didn’t want to post and then have people ask how I...
  2. Ecom man

    New value skew idea... Advertising Boost

    I was considering not posting this as I have only been using the site for about a week and to me it comes across like I’m trying to spam/sell the thing, however the results have been pretty good (25-30% bump in sales) and I wanted to see if it might help someone else. A little over a week ago...
  3. Ecom man

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    I have a relatively successful business that grosses 1-1.5 million a year but I can't seem to grow it past that. The niche is super competitve which I think is part of the reason I can't get it much past that point. I have been trying to decide on what new business to start to run along side...
  4. Ecom man

    HOT TOPIC Income Store, Legit? NO, A SCAM AS WE PREDICTED.

    ** MODERATOR'S NOTE: These posts have been extracted from another thread into its own thread and slightly modified for discussion. Did a ton of study on it. Decided that I would rather make a guaranteed 15% a year @ Income Store with virtually unlimited upside than to make 16% a year with...
  5. Ecom man

    Need money to start a business? Need a way to pay bills? This one is for you!

    Obviously the title comes off as scammy, spammy and Guruish (is that even a word?) but for real this idea can make you multiple grand in the next couple of months from just a small investment. The below will work in just about any city in the USA that is larger than 10-20k people and would...
  6. Ecom man

    The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of business

    I’ve thought about making a post like this many times over the last few months. Every time I’ve decided not to either because I didn’t feel like it would be helpful or because I wasn’t sure how it would come across. I’ve come to the point where I have to get it out. If it helps someone great, if...
  7. Ecom man

    How do you do your email marketing?

    So a little over a month ago I begin doing email marketing. With close to 2 million in sales via ecommerce last year I figured there is no time like the present. I'm currently using klaviyo and have all of their recommended flows set up . (Abandoned cart, abandoned browsers, upsell/cross sell...
  8. Ecom man

    Investing extra business income

    I've reached a spot in my business where it is throwing off some extra money. I am reinvesting half of it back into the business but would like to invest the rest for my family's future. Does anyone have any recommendations on what would be the best place to put it?
  9. Ecom man

    Using the "Dead Cat Bounce" to invest

    I have been investing in the stock market for over 10 years. Put some in mutual funds, actively traded stocks etc. Most of the investments have been losses or some complete losses (GM and Circuit City were 2 investments that didn't turn out so well.) I have started using the investing method...
  10. Ecom man

    GOLD! [AMA] Importing & wholesaling for resale on eBay.

    I have been lurking on the forum for about a month and have gleaned so much information I knew it was time to give back. I currently run an import/ resale on eBay business. I started the business about 3 years ago but just dabbled in it up until about 6 months ago. 6 months ago, I quit my job...
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