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  1. Darius

    O/T: HEALTH Is Calorie Counting model really flawed?

    If I could only pick 4 practical things, I'd say: 1. Low/no sugar 2. Lower carbohydrates (these turn into sugar once ingested) 3. Don't mix high carbohydrates with high fat 4. Intermittent fasting (maximum 8 hour eating window) Usually when I say things like the above I get comments saying...
  2. Darius

    How to Know It's Time to Move On From a Once Successful Business?

    @MTF You're going through a dilemma similar to what music artists go through after they have an amazing 1-2 years during their first peak but then profits, popularity, and whatever other metrics they're monitoring die down and stay down. While I can't speak from experience since I haven't built...
  3. Darius

    O/T: HEALTH Is Calorie Counting model really flawed?

    I believe counting calories is flawed. It doesn't work 100% of the time and it gets real weird once your eating habits deviate from the common diet (everything in moderation). I know the argument of why it must work is because of thermodynamics but we're not robots. 2k calories consumed...
  4. Darius

    NOTABLE! My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    I was going back through the thread and noticed I missed this. Sorry! Nope, I didn't have the same experience. Do you feel the same way if you eat cooked beef liver? When I do carnivore I lose weight regardless of calories if I'm lifting weights at least 3 times per week. If I don't lift...
  5. Darius

    First business idea -- consumer technology, web design, or pressure washing?

    Out of those 3, I would go with the pressure washing business. It's profitable, and don't let the 4-5 month season discourage you. There's always upsell potential when it comes to home maintenance businesses like power washing (after you become reputable) Power washing seems easier to enter...
  6. Darius

    What DIY Tools Are Essential & Why?

    For building a shed/shop: Circular Saw - I prefer battery powered Speed square - to be used with a circular saw for straight cuts on lumber Impact driver - I rarely ever pick up my drill and only use the impact driver. You can get drill bit attachments if you need to drill holes ( or auger /...
  7. Darius


    It's common for new content to fluctuate wildly. Like @lludwig said, just wait.
  8. Darius

    Minimum Viable Content Model for SEO and Content Marketing

    This strategy has been working well for me since 2014. The only difference is that the quality of my initial content pieces are higher than high school draft (thanks to practice and Grammarly). To expand on that strategy, track the content piece in a keyword tracker like Accuranker for whatever...
  9. Darius

    HOT TOPIC First Investment Property

    If you're doing all the work yourself, you can be well under the $20k budget if that's all you're doing. I'm almost done renovating one of my 1k sq/ft. units myself and I'll be around $25k-$30k spent but I repaired framing, all new plumbing, new electrical, 300ft french drain to help drainage...
  10. Darius

    What are your favourite FASTLANE Skill?

    1. Communication - helps with customer service, sales, and managing employees/contractors 2. Business process creation - helps remove myself from the business should I choose, creates more effective employees/contractors, and allows me to step back to easily track and quantify the value of what...
  11. Darius

    NOTABLE! My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    I've done OMAD intentionally before. It's so convenient on days where I'm busy. I also tend to accidentally do OMAD. Some days my body just doesn't signal hunger for me, so I won't eat unless it's a workout day.
  12. Darius

    NOTABLE! My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    I wish I had better advice for you on how to get over the sandwiches and stuff, but since I just stopped eating all of that suddenly - I never had that problem. Let me know how meal prepping goes! My meal prep is usually a big bowl of ground beef or roast lol.
  13. Darius

    NOTABLE! My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    There are more nitrates in most vegetables than meat, so if that worries you - limit your intake of vegetables (and processed meats like bacon). I THINK nitrates aren't that big of a deal as long as you're not cooking them at high heat but I could wrong. Your body can't digest fiber. If I...
  14. Darius

    NOTABLE! My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    It's been over a year since starting Keto. Here's a quick summary of 1 yr changes off the top of my head: I can eat as much as I want. My weight has stabilized at about 20lbs less than where I started. I'm not losing weight but still losing fat. I'm getting noticeably leaner by the week Bowel...
  15. Darius

    NOTABLE! My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    I wouldn't be surprised if you experience some benefits. Eat primarily meat and vegetables when eating out. It makes it simple
  16. Darius

    HOT TOPIC Learning How To Learn

    I'd say I've gotten pretty good at learning over the past few years (learned front-end and back-end programming, design, marketing, car mechanics, human anatomy & physiology, nutrition, drawing, electrical wiring, and more). I'm not the smartest in any of these areas, but I probably understand...
  17. Darius

    EXECUTION After almost 7 years on here, I have finally have a revenue-generating business

    Depending on your state, it can be as easy as filling out an online form and paying a fee. I've only filed an LLC in Ohio so I'm not sure how difficult it will be in your area. I feel like a simple Google search will tell you though. I wouldn't hire a lawyer to file an LLC if I was in your...
  18. Darius

    EXECUTION After almost 7 years on here, I have finally have a revenue-generating business

    I've been a daily user of Screaming Frog for about 5 years and I'd recommend giving Sitebulb a trial. It's basically just a prettier screaming frog (more expensive too) but it's helped me speed up my workflow when auditing a site - and they have a 'crawl map' feature that's helpful for...
  19. Darius

    EXECUTION Start the action - from broke to being rich

    Congrats on making $10 online. What's the plan to make $20 online? How are you going to further investigate the potential of a niche? What's that process look like?
  20. Darius

    HOT TOPIC Plant-Based Opportunities / Vegan Business Opportunities

    Regardless of what milk (or alternative you use) - there are a few things you can do to figure out how healthy it is: 1. Check the Macros. Make sure it's either high in fat or high in carbs - mixing the 2 is unnatural and likely a prime contributor to all the metabolic problems a lot of humans...
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