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  2. thefastroad

    What Qualities to Look for in a Manager?

    I work in a convenience store with a bad boss/manager. What she's missing, is that she does not put a proper work environment in place and has a bad mindset towards mistakes/failure. For example, when i sometimes make a mistake she gives me a look, and complaining about me not knowing my job...
  3. thefastroad

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read and enjoyed!
  4. thefastroad


    I just keep reading it again and again, life changing.
  5. thefastroad

    Everything big, starts small.

    Hey guys, i was just going around and looking at businesses back in the day. Specifically internet businesses, like google, yahoo and so on. lets you see old "snapshots" of how websites looked like back in the day. Then i got the idea to look at Mj's old fastlane...
  6. thefastroad

    EXECUTION What do you think about my landingpage?

    Hi fellow fastlaners! These past few weeks i've been coding a landing-page to test the need/demand for one of my ideas. The idea is very simple, teach drivers Ed online. It does not exist because it is not allowed by the state, yet. I suspect there is a significant need for this solution after...
  7. thefastroad

    HOT TOPIC What is your Favourite Entrepreneur Movie

    Action faking to the max......
  8. thefastroad

    INTRO Six years doing PhD, now building hi-tech hardware startup for Ag

    Awesome! what are your credentials/education?
  9. thefastroad

    What are your shortcomings?

    When we perceive successful entrepreneurs like for example Elon Musk, most of us become overflown with questions on how a human can become and achieve so much. Therefor Elon Musk seems like a superhuman in my mind. I think many of us have a problem with this, and a reminder that no human being...
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