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    Hungry vs desperate

    What is the difference? Between being hungry for work and desperate for it? How can you avoid seeming to ne desperate, when you really need the work?
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    HOT TOPIC What would add $2077.50 (usd) in value to you?

    So basically asking my main question in another way.
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    WEB SCHOOL website 1

    drysig Thoughts on design? Ugly?
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    WEB SCHOOL Working out how to add (almost 3 million ) in an afternoon.

    (Scroll down for images) 1) Given that your customer wants sales rather than a website. 2) every 100 Miliseconds of latency costs 1% of revenue. 3) The amount of bloat and slow loading plugins and videos cause. Companies are literally throwing away large amounts of revenue. Worked example using...
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    2 hard disk laptop

    So I saw this, as a high and common keyword on keyword io tool. So I figured people must be looking for these. While there aare some, they tend to be higher end biz models. I'm also unsure if people want extra space, speed or reliabilty, or something else. Anyway since fe people use the DVD...
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    EXECUTION Stock Trading software attempt

    So I built some software to use some unique indicators to provide a stock prediciton model, and tested it out. Certainly tiem and scale, since that's just IT. A good barrier as nobody else has the forumula I do. I figured there was a need given how many there are and how popular they are...
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    Possible Niches? Your thoughts

    I'm looking at a couple of niches were I might be able to add value and wanted to get feedback from people on here. The first idea Suggested by @Late Bloomer in my failed executions thread is the idea of a freelance technical writer, this seems like a good use of my skills. I've tried...
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    MARKETPLACE Looking to sell my time for experience

    Authentically Honest, hard-working guy looking to trade time/skills for money Do you want more money or more time? If not, move on. If you do well time is money, so the more time I can save you the more money you make right? I’m an authentically Honest, hard-working guy looking to trade...
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    HOT TOPIC Can you add too much value?

    The forum constantly mentions adding value first, rather than money chasing, then charging. The thing is if you always constantly added value first,why woukd anyone pay you for anything? This is why I'm struggling with the concept. So how do you decide the point when you have added enough...
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    Looking for feedback-Developer copywriting

    Context I've been studying various materials on copy-writing to improve my marketing skills, and I came across this little gem, slightly paraphrased Marketing to developers throws out the usual rules, because they don't see "Finger-licking chicken" but "deceased Gallus gallus domesticus...
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    Finding Needs/Wants

    Okay, so this is where I'm stuck. I purchased the insiders subscriptions manly in the hope that it would give me some good ideas needing execution. There is nothing immediately viable though. Although I really want needs rather than solutions. So whats the ideal need? It is: A problem or item...
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    LANDFILL Fastlane idea? ICO kit?

    Shameless steal from someone else here, who suggested an ICO kit for thr averagr joe might be the fastlane in the crypto space(annoyingly I can't find them again to reference) I basically accidentally built this (I was trialling a multiple crytpowallet on c with proof of coin for...
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    LANDFILL Stop, saying it doesn't take money to make money and prove IT

    No you can't make money without putting money in. Go beg in the street for a penny if needed. You might need a very small amount . Maybe one penny. The lawyers call it a peppercorn because you can't have a contract with out paying something, maybe a penny. You probably invested in yourself...
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    How would you test niche.

    Milk that is stored at room temperature, rather than refrigerated. This is a country difference within the eu, so easy to import/export. How would you test demand, who would prefer room temperature storabke milk? Off girders? Maybe not fastlane, but could be.
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    EXECUTION My failed poor executions

    EDIT : For my intro, goals and aim go to INTRO - Hello, I don't want to be a millionaire It's important to note that I'm not complaining about failures, I'm not ranting and whining about failures I 'm trying to discuss them and learn from them. Nothing has yet brought me money so, I'm...
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    LANDFILL Sstruggling to flip

    My situation means the quick flip raise cash to fund the business/give a few rent cheques woukd be very helpful, however I'm in a remote area and cant drive so that narrows it down to things that can be mailed (suprising how many items are but are not sent or are immovable) I thought maybe...
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    INTRO Hello, I don't want to be a millionaire

    Hi all and at @MJ DeMarco Edit because I forgot to tag. Something of a clickbaity title. I've stumbled across this site looking for answers so I've not read this book yet. I have read a lot of these kind of self help books and haven't found any success yet. I don't want to say all I need is...
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