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  1. Fassina

    Willpower is NOT Limited and believing it is can hold you back.

    Most people have heard or read that self control or willpower is limited, that it decreases throughout the day as you use it resist temptations and get things done. This topic is here to tell you that it doesn't, that information is outdated and damaging to you and other people that believe it...
  2. Fassina

    Why are we so vague about our businesses ?

    Sure privacy, but other than that. I mean if we are following the principle of Entry why should we worry about people knowing more about our businesses ? Some people aren't following the principle of Entry of course and that makes sense for them, but even those that do seem to keep their...
  3. Fassina

    INTRO 22 Year old with a system problem..

    Brazilian, 22, male. I've tried several things, most of them failed, I 'know' why or at least think I do. Mainly, lack of proper market research and a tendency of rushing things and a lot of sunk cost fallacy to tie me down. Current business "profited" 50$ this month with 5 sales. This is...
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