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  1. RayAndré

    Philosophy as a business

    Hey Fastlane fam, I’m throwing this out there to see what bites and if anything snags my attention. I realize I like to think a lot and figure things out. Like, a lot. And most recently I’ve been doing this with life and the human psyche. What kind of business can you start with philosophy...
  2. RayAndré

    HOT TOPIC Morals of business and selling

    So I've been trying to figure this one out... I know its a "mindset" or "belief system" issue, and I've been trying to crack it in my head, but could use some help. It seems that no matter what business you're in, no matter how valuable your product is, no matter how much it actually helps...
  3. RayAndré

    BUY OUT: How to find fair market multiple and value

    Hey all, So my partner and I disagree on the future path of our business and I asked if he would like to buy me out. He's willing, so next step is to get a valuation of the business and agree on a fair price. So...what is the best way to evaluate our business? Specifically: What multiple is...
  4. RayAndré

    HOT TOPIC What happens when you quit your job?

    Are you considering quitting your job to work on a fastlane business? I am. Are you scared of the unknown? I am. Let's clarify the unknown... What happens when you quit your job? What changes do I have to make? What are the logistics? Here's what I'm thinking: I'd have to start paying for...
  5. RayAndré

    One Year after TMF

    :star: Today is my 1-year anniversary on this forum. :) I wish I had an inspirational story to share about how I quit my job and am making X figures a month with my awesome new business. But I don't. I'm making $0 from any business and am still getting that good 'ol safe 9-5 paycheck. But...
  6. RayAndré

    EXECUTION How I've Failed

    I failed when I uploaded photos to Shutterstock and believed “just upload it and they will buy”…they didn’t. I failed when I released an app to the App Store and thought “just release it and maybe they’ll buy”…they didn’t. I failed when I fell into depression, met my demons for the first time...
  7. RayAndré

    How do you measure opportunity cost?

    I've realized some of my analysis paralysis comes from weighing opportunity cost. With a few different ideas of what to do, I keep thinking about the potential of each one, and how if I pick and focus on one it will put the others on hold...which leaves me going nowhere. For example, if I'm...
  8. RayAndré

    How to learn to sell?

    I've always hated selling. When I was young, I was in Boy Scouts and they required us to sell popcorn, or holiday wreaths. I dreaded it every year. After being around TFF and reading "Sell or be Sold" by Grant Cardone, its obvious selling is vital to life and success. Currently, I'm a software...
  9. RayAndré

    HOT TOPIC Do you have health insurance?

    For those who are jobless and full on committed to their you have health insurance? If so how much are you paying a month? If not, do you care? Does the government care? If I got up and quit my job tomorrow, would the government come after me if I didn't get a health plan?
  10. RayAndré

    What are you sacrificing?

    We all know choices come with sacrifices. Time spent somewhere means time away from other important things. Living in a certain place might mean you're not close to people you love. Choosing a certain lifestyle (for now ;)) might mean delayed gratification for "the finer things in life". What...
  11. RayAndré

    Leave Your Mark

    Take a minute to think... What is your primary purpose in life? What is the primary purpose in life for others? I would say: to leave your mark. Leaving some sign that you were here on Earth. Some people choose to leave their mark on their world, by being great parents. Others choose to leave...
  12. RayAndré

    EXECUTION My Real Estate Progress Thread

    Ok here we go. The Goal Short term: Buy, rehab, and cash flow two multi family properties by the end of 2018, ideally one being a four-plex to add another $1000/month to my income. Long term: Accumulate cash flow and reinvest it along with my paycheck savings to reach financial freedom. Its...
  13. RayAndré

    MEETUPS Medellin, Colombia

    Medellin will be home for me for the next five weeks! Will anyone else be around?
  14. RayAndré

    Accountability. Brainstorming. Support.

    To anyone who's willing, and looking for an accountability buddy, brainstorming partner, and friend for support, I'd like to get in contact and start having Skype chats. These can be to simply chat about what our next move might be, bounce ideas off each other, or talk through a current...
  15. RayAndré

    Direction Searching

    hey fastlaners. My journey to living unscripted is just beginning. I'm almost 26 years old and a software developer. My salary is good. My bank/investment accounts are happy (though I seek a better long term investment approach). Entrepreneurship is totally foreign to me. My first idea toward...
  16. RayAndré

    MEETUPS San Diego meetup anyone?

    I just saw some folks organize a New York meet up on here. Anyone in San Diego down to get together? When we get a group I'll pick a time and date.
  17. RayAndré

    To the Slowlaners from a Slowlaner...we CAN do this.

    If there's anything I learned over the past two years its that you can do anything you put your mind to. For those of us that still haven't merged into the Fastlane yet, all we have to do is get started and trust the words of those who have done it before. Getting in shape, and I mean really...
  18. RayAndré

    INTRO For now, one of many. Later, one of few.

    Hello, my friends, from the slowlane. Fastlaners, I seek your mentorship and guidance. Slowlaners, lets motivate each other to merge. These past four months, I've learned the value of freedom. Let's go get it. Cheers, RayAndré
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