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  1. early riser

    Local Presence Dialer VOIP System?

    Hi, So since last posting I have made the transition to working for self (still somewhat slow lane, but there are other things in the works). Anyhow, I was using a CRM that had a local presence/ID dialer built in (in that whomever I was dialing, would display their local area code). This was...
  2. early riser

    What’s The Most Unusual (legal) Thing You’ve Done to Make Money?

    I used to flip aquarium goods and fish. Get them from fish auctions, craigslist, members of online forums. Buy from one, keep some stuff, and sell excess inventory/remaining parts of a setup on another. Was never in it for money, more to make my hobby less of an expense, but point being I knew...
  3. early riser

    Exercise: What's Holding You Back?

    Cuts right through the bullshit. Yes, they would. And I hate myself when I instead put my tail between my legs. Had the very serious convo with a close friend that told me me the only thing that holds me back is me and all my friends agree... Great post.
  4. early riser

    EXECUTION From Dead Broke To Financial Freedom in 6 Months Flat

    I read this a while ago and watched the videos. Happy for you. I went to your youtube channel and the change in how you view yourself is phenomenal. Keep going
  5. early riser

    Pay cash for a car or get a loan (case study with my Ferrari)

    Interesting that you broke it down, but not the first case. I've sold luxury vehicles in the past and some of my most prestigious clients viewed taking loans out the same way. Their money was earning more elsewhere (assuming the most likely scenario that the condo doesn't depreciate), higher...
  6. early riser

    Instagram Launches Fully Operational Ad Business I know a lot of you are running facebook ads (myself included), so I just wanted to make the community aware of this new update, especially to those who utilize Instagram heavily already...
  7. early riser

    Quarter Life Crisis

    Elizabeth Holmes, the richest woman in America (worth 4.6 billion) dropped out of Stanford and somehow formed a lab test with none of this and raised 400 million in funding (although you say no one would respect her w/o a phd). Don't make excuses, take action.
  8. early riser

    Digital Product Marketing Landing Page Question

    I can see clearly you wrote the testimonials as your "i" in your post isn't capital on your post or on the site as well as the fact that neither come off as a native English speaker. The video makes it clear that the Ferrari is actually at a dealership and it takes a bit to figure out what you...
  9. early riser

    50/50 Partnership, but not 50/50 effort (no LLC, no profits yet)

    I'm with biophase on this... You do work, he gets payed either way? Sure sounds like a lot like a job disguised as a business if you continue down that path. Ideas without actions are just ideas. He could have 100% of the profits right now...doesn't make a difference 100% of nothing is still...
  10. early riser

    EXECUTION A Business is Born

    I'll be honest I skimmed through this (and will reread when on more sleep) and I see you are already going with branding but a strong backstory should also help as well as strong copy writing. (I am a sucker for such and will buy accordingly) Also stress that you are a local vendor and quick...
  11. early riser

    Questions regarding Google Adsense and other alternatives to monetize your website / blog

    Slow at loading and you have to scroll all the way down. Part of one of your quotes got cut off too. Based on what you have, I would have the navigation bar on top. (of which throw your social media links there too) The rest be a simple landing page with the products right there. Then the box...
  12. early riser

    How do you do your product research?

    Also the great thing about ebay is you can click the amount sold in the listing to get more detail ON THAT PRODUCT To me this is EXTREMELY important, it lets me figure out on average how quickly the product moves. So don't get caught up on the total sold as some have high numbers but have taken...
  13. early riser

    The Most Motivational Minute of Your Life Guaranteed! haven't been able to look at it the same since...
  14. early riser

    EXECUTION Ditch My 6-Figure Job and Earn a Living Online

    I agree on the focus part, but in saying that know I have that problem as well. Anyhow, something that immediately jumps off the page for me is with some of your ventures you needed a way to drive traffic/SEO to your website/blog/etc. Seeing how you know how to build websites, why not offer...
  15. early riser

    Stumped on a brand/business/domain name idea

    Can't believe I didn't mention this yesterday. There are a few sites if you would like, however there is a cost involved. They have freelancers come up with names for you. The prices vary, I haven't looked much into it but you will get many more suggestions than you will on here.
  16. early riser

    Looking For High Margin Dog Products

    I don't know if you're 14-17 either since you are asking us to do your homework.
  17. early riser

    HOT TOPIC Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

    Just like you I am the definition of just 'packing up the car and leaving'. Been here over a year and a half. I may move again at some point, but at least now it no longer is a big deal. No longer will I make excuses as to why I can't. Total mindset shift. Also always enjoy when people post...
  18. early riser

    Stumped on a brand/business/domain name idea / / everything else I am thinking of is registered or premium
  19. early riser

    The next $120 I gross online I will buy an insiders membership

    Seeing no flaws in this logic, I am an insider now. (awaiting payment clearance)
  20. early riser

    GOLD! One year of FLF...

    Anyone else getting an error message or you do not have permission to view this page when clicking the links? Is this an insider only post?
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