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  1. Rich Wood

    The Jockey, The Horse, and the Track

    This is a post about investing, selecting the right employees and investment professionals to build your track. My question is how to you pick the right Jockey and Horse, and establish the track for them to succeed. I'm not talking about gambling, but choosing the right leaders (the Jockey's)...
  2. Rich Wood

    Value of your local Chamber of Commerce

    Today, I attended a speed-networking local Chamber of Commerce Event - called First Fridays. There were over a hundred attendees, all representing different companies, products and services. We spent about 2 mins each pitching who we were, what we did, and what our ask was. After everyone had...
  3. Rich Wood

    Best way to fastlane the absorption of MJ's books.

    Over the past month I have listened via audible to both of MJ's books. On planes, in my truck - via bluetooth, while with my daughter at the park, running in the mornings, and basically any other free time I had. First off the books are fantastic, and are extremely trans-formative. I don't...
  4. Rich Wood

    Is a qualified investment plan worth it for an entrepreneur

    I know the gov't and financial advisers push everyone into 401-k's, and IRA's with the opportunity to have deferred taxes, or opportunities in the public equity market, but is it truly the best long term investment?? I really don't think so, even with a match. The reason I ask, is for a couple...
  5. Rich Wood

    INTRO Small Business Owner - Looking for Advice

    Hello from beautiful Northern Utah. I live in Salt Lake, just west of Park City. I am completing 20 years of work experience this year, in various industries and with various positions. I have a Bachelors in Marketing and Finance from the University of Utah and an MBA from the University...
  6. Rich Wood

    37 years old with $1.6M in REIT holdings - seeking to grow

    I've been told that the new magic financial freedom # is $10M. So given that I have some distance to go, as I'm at about $1.6M in holdings now. I'm shooting to be financially free by the time I'm 43. In pursuit of this, I am seeking advice from professionals who may be there on how to...
  7. Rich Wood

    Light Commercial Development - Seeking Advice

    New Contributor - Hope to collaborate with true professionals. I am looking for ideas in developing a light commercial park (4-6 buildings) on a 3-4 acre site. Has anyone done this before? What % of the site should be dedicated to the buildings, common grounds, and shared space. I will seek...
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