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  1. Eduardo Leal

    Can you help me figure out how to do better?

    Ok, this is the thing. I’m an English teacher in Madrid. I work for a company (not mine) and I work under a figure called “autónomo” which is basically a freelance. So, even though I have fixed hours (usually around 30 a week) and the wage is ok (€19,90 per hour) you can imagine that it’s not...
  2. Eduardo Leal

    INTRO Hi there, rookie here

    Hi! I'm in my 50's -just because I was born in 1970- but mentally, i'm still a kid. I am from Venezuela -which we managed to escape from- I lived for some time in the USA and I currently live in Madrid, Spain where I work as an English teacher. I am also a personal English teacher and I have a...
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