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  1. GoGetter24

    How to set up multinational business?

    The basic concept I'm trying to get some pointers on is this: Let's say I'm based in the US, and I provide accounting services. I grow, and I decide that certain back-office purely paperwork functions could be done by lets say Mongolians, for about the same reliability and half the price. How...
  2. GoGetter24

    Centralization / decentralization discussion roundtable AKA "resisting big tech"

    There is little doubt that the internet has been a force for massive centralization, rather than decentralization. We're now in the situation where: One company, Google, controls 80% of video watching (YouTube), 90% of internet searches (Google search), 75% of mobile phones, 30% of global...
  3. GoGetter24

    Question on partnerships & buy outs

    I've been bouncing around ideas for a new business partnership, but there's a few things I'm still having difficulty working out. I'm aiming to structure a very comprehensive and well thought out partnership agreement to minimize the chances of failure. [before anyone asks, yes corp. has been...
  4. GoGetter24

    A reminder that skills make the man, not tools

    This guy makes awesome art with mspaint. M. S. Paint. Something to remember before downloading your next "productivity app".
  5. GoGetter24

    Charity: A Powerful Portfolio Builder

    In order to get clients, you need a portfolio. And in order to get a portfolio, you need clients. Common ways to breech this loop Doing dregs work. Offering heavily discounted prices, to try and lure clients who otherwise wouldn't contract with someone they don't know and with no track record...
  6. GoGetter24

    Awesome interview with Divyank Turakhia

    Yet another guy who followed the real script to the letter: Got in on a wave (internet + india) Got his marketable skill down pat first (programming in his case) Had supportive relatives and started early (13, gave him books on his skill when they saw aptitude) Just contracted his marketable...
  7. GoGetter24

    O/T: HEALTH Can't keep my sleep regulated

    Currently I'm working about 10 hour days on my projects, 7 days. The problem I run into, is that my sleep always keeps getting pushed forward. I'll work later and later trying to finish things while I'm "in the zone". I'll then wake up late and lethargic the following day, and then start work...
  8. GoGetter24

    What do you think of when you go to sleep?

    What are the things you think about when you've gone to bed? Is your mind blank? Or racing? Or you fantasize about something? Or worry about something? I think it would be an interesting thing to compare against, especially against already successful members.
  9. GoGetter24

    Best international VOIP service?

    Does anyone have recommendations for a high quality VOIP service for international calls? By high quality, I mean low lag, low signal corruption or drop rate, high clarity calls, when calling cell phones / land lines. Basically Skype doesn't cut it. So what's the good stuff?
  10. GoGetter24

    Peter Thiel laying yet another smack-down on College

    Just as I thought Peter Thiel couldn't shiv the educational establishment any more severely, this video pops up: "Colleges are as corrupt as the Catholic church was 500 years ago". Brutal.
  11. GoGetter24

    INTRO Howdy

    This looks like a happening place, full of go getters, so I'm interested to check it out.
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