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  1. Thinh

    Some lessons from the death of the happiness entrepreneur

    Did you hear the news? Zappos' founder and CEO Tony Hsieh died in house fire recently. I won't go and talk about the details, since the article I just linked is thorough on the subject. Somehow, while having my breakfast, it just clicked with something I'm experiencing these days and with what...
  2. Thinh

    Has anyone really reached their goals?

    Hi folks, I'm curious. Has anyone here in this forum really reached their initial goals? By that, I mean starting with nothing, and deciding "I will do X and earn X in X days/weeks/months/years" and actually achieved it? I don't know, it seems to me pursuing a goal is actually...
  3. Thinh

    Facebook screwing 6-7 figure businesses, never forget CONTROL

    Hi folks, Just stumbled on this Twitter thread and thought it would be interesting to share. View: CollegeHumor is (was?) quite successful and yet they chose to ignore the commandment of control and they got screwed.
  4. Thinh

    Anyone interested in a GSuite grandfathered account?

    I have a grandfathered GSuite (previously named Google Apps) account with 50 free users for life. Now you'd have to pay ~$250/month to have 50 accounts. I'm haven't used in years and it's lying around since. Google just sent me a notice about terminating the account if I don't log in soon...
  5. Thinh

    INTRO Hello to the awesome people here

    I've been on many forums since 2013 and this one is the first that truly amazed me with all the value, support, and authentic friendliness spiced with tough love found inside it. I've registered a month ago but kept delaying posting my introduction because I felt I had nothing of value to...
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