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    NOTABLE! Had to call it quits today.

    Thank you very much for sharing. At these hard times it comes down to your mindset how to handle a failure. A failure is just more experience gained when you use it to your advantage! So analyze it, recover and realign to start back into it. I wish you all the best!
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    Just as your first book. Awesome. Could have read it in one go. Especially the 4th part of the book was really important to me. Also the repetition of the CENTS is much apprechiated! Again - thank you so much for this massive value @MJ DeMarco ! You changed my life!
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Your book really changed my life and helped me to confirm and reinforce my attitude against the scripted, so called "normal" life! I had this thought since school and my first job back in the days: "this couldn't be it". So I developed an ever growing interest in finding a solution for this...
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