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  1. Bones81

    OFF-TOPIC Recommendations for Cities Near Good Skiing

    Hi All, Leaving the corporate grind in a few months to purchase and grow a business(es) in a mid to large city out west within an hour or two of good skiing. For people living in such a place, I wanted to see what the pros and cons are where you live and how they compare to other mountain...
  2. Bones81

    EXECUTION Exiting the Slowlane by Buying a Business

    I'm 38, single, and have no dependents and have worked in credit risk in various banks since I graduated college. I've got to the point where I'm completely burned out with the job and am tired of being another small cog in the big corporate wheel. After reading TML twice and Unscripted, the...
  3. Bones81

    INTRO Hello There

    I'm a 38 year old investment banker looking to transition from the slowlane to the fastlane. Really tired of the corporate grind and looking to take control of my life and reshape it into something much more satisfying and enjoyable. While the slowlane has provided me with a decent amount of...
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