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  1. Mark Fobo

    Ecommerce and its Gurus: Does it work in 2019?

    Hi all, First, I have done some research on previous threads but could not find any up to date responses, if I missed anything please redirect me to the right thread (plus the Search bar of the forum seems not to be working atm). I have been doing a lot of research lately about key words like...
  2. Mark Fobo

    HOT TOPIC The 5am Club - Worth it?

    Hi all, So I recently tried to change my habits and wake up at 5am while going to bed much earlier in the evening. I used my morning time to work on my project, organise my day and thoughts and work out. Results have been good although there are some drawbacks I address in my video. Are some...
  3. Mark Fobo

    What are your thoughts on Bucket Lists?

    Hi all, I recently wrote my bucket list to give my life direction and some new challenges. I believe that giving yourself objectives and trying to achieve your dreams also help yourself getting down more work and staying focused! What is your opinion about this? Do you have any yourself...
  4. Mark Fobo

    INTRO Press Start With ME (Mark)

    I remember when I was a kid at school, we were being asked every year, on our first day back from the summer break, to introduce ourselves to the rest of the classroom. I had this teacher one year who asked us to say at the end of our introduction what job we wanted to have when older. At the...
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