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  1. YoungPadawan

    What inconvenienced you today?

    Single ply toilet paper. Enough said.
  2. YoungPadawan

    Anyone else feel massively stupid after learning self development?

    You rang? lol, no - I know how you feel. I feel the exact same way. There are so many smart people in the world and I feel like a moron compared to them. Oh well, I say just do your best with the brain God gave you.
  3. YoungPadawan

    How do I manage my Debt?

    1st: Pay off your credit card debt. That will most likely have the highest interest rate of your loans. Don't keep a balance on it, pay it off in full each month. 2nd: I'm not sure where you live, but if I were in your situation, I would sell the house and rent a much cheaper place to live...
  4. YoungPadawan

    Quick Question (Buying customer lists)

    Here's a website where you can search mailing lists of various niches (which includes emails and phone numbers most of the time) as well as their prices per thousand...
  5. YoungPadawan

    HOT TOPIC If you had $10m in the bank what would you do every day?

    I thought that was Felix Dennis?
  6. YoungPadawan

    HOT TOPIC How can I leverage this strength?

    Foreclosed home cleanout
  7. YoungPadawan

    Direct snail mail marketing?

    I would say direct mail is an excellent media to use, as long as your product/service is high priced enough. Using coins or other attention grabbers like @Walter Hay to make your mail lumpy is a great way to make sure it gets opened. The price is also much more stable compared with PPC...
  8. YoungPadawan

    MEETUPS Insider Conference Call, VC/Former CEO of Fitness Quest (Total Gym/Chuck Norris)

    What is the most cost effective media he has found?
  9. YoungPadawan

    NOTABLE! Own Yourself: My Story How I Did It

    Great post and really interesting background Lex. It's important for a person to have an internal locus of control. My sister, for instance, is constantly complaining about how unfair life is. She blames others and it's frustrating that she doesn't OWN her life and realize that every choice she...
  10. YoungPadawan

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    Spot on. That is my current plan to aquire more farmland. Many of the younger generation move away and don't have any interest in farming. So the land that the farmer owns will be rented out... Hopefully to me.
  11. YoungPadawan

    I humbly ask people on this forum for help

    This reminds me of the book "The Slight Edge." The gist of it, is that any large goal can be achieved, just break it down into teeny tiny bite-sized pieces.
  12. YoungPadawan

    HOT TOPIC Are all online coaches scammers?

    It's not a threat... It's a promise.
  13. YoungPadawan

    EXECUTION Bulk Ag Commodity Sales

    The feed grade soybeans that are typically grown cost about $60/unit. These food grade were about $40/unit. The trade off though is these probably have less yield. It varies, but for food company buyers, they typically want them cleaned. We'll be going to a guy that has a seed cleaner and...
  14. YoungPadawan

    EXECUTION Bulk Ag Commodity Sales

    They should be ready to harvest in October. I have a list of potential food soybean buyers in my state that we could sell to, but we aren't contracting any of it, because we aren't sure of what the yields will be for sure. I'll be calling to get bids from those different locations after we've...
  15. YoungPadawan

    HOT TOPIC Why Amazon Sucks: The Master Thread

    I would like to add: don't disregard the power of direct mail for selling your ecommerce products. You can mail letters/promotions stupidly cheap and direct mail has significantly better conversion rates than online media. Plus - no Google or Facebook blocking your ads.
  16. YoungPadawan

    INTRO Big Plans, Small Beginnings

  17. YoungPadawan

    Implementing Kaizen Into Your Biz and Life

    So at my 9-5 job, we have these things called "POM" sheets - which stands for Preventative Orderly Maintenance. The layout of these sheets is sort of ingenious and I thought I would share. In the words of Aristotle (I think) “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a...
  18. YoungPadawan

    OFF-TOPIC Do Americans eat donuts mostly during start of summer?

    I eat donuts at all times of the year, but particularly right after work. 6 at a time. It's a horrendous habit, but they are soooo addictive.
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