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  1. Walley

    I am taking paypal to small claims court

    Found this free ebook on how this guy took paypal to court and won.
  2. Walley

    What happens when the government gives a business a grant?

    I consider myself a noobie to the stock market and it's something I'm interested in learning. I was reading an article the other day about FSLR and was wondering what will likely happen if the government gives a business a grant? The short article on IBD says the grant will cover 30% of the...
  3. Walley

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read the book. Great job! Now can you take away the pop off that keeps asking me to download the first three chapters? :)
  4. Walley

    OFF-TOPIC 8 yr old makes $235k from paintings within 30 minutes

    Thought I'll share this if you haven't seen it already, maybe I should pickup painting... :tiphat: 8-year-old painting prodigy is new art world star - Yahoo! News
  5. Walley

    Does anyone use Daily Graphs Online?

    Just wondering if you do/did what you thought of it. I'm still 3/4 way studying through William O'Neil's book How to make money in stocks.
  6. Walley

    WEB/DIGITAL How do people do it??

    I look at sites like flippa and digitalpoint for websites once a while and I see websites that have been established for 2-6 months claiming to be making anywhere from $200-$1000 per month from advertisements. Can someone experience in this shine some light on this topic for me? Why sell when...
  7. Walley

    FAILURE Rich Dad Seminar Exposed (FINALLY!)

    $45k profit per mobile home? WOW! I'm missing out!
  8. Walley

    OFF-TOPIC What's up with your book MJ?

    I and probably many others here have been waiting forever. I might of missed some updates on the books, but just wondering what's going on with the book. Looking forward to reading it.
  9. Walley

    HOT TOPIC Would like some opinions on banking stocks

    I know this is an old thread but just wanted to post this link here when I read it this morning. fund-boss-made-7-billion-in-the-panic: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
  10. Walley

    WEB/DIGITAL Blogging based on keywords

    Thanks, just curious what other people thought about it.
  11. Walley

    WEB/DIGITAL Blogging based on keywords

    Have anyone here ever just try blogging about topics based on the price of keywords? Let's say day one you blog about student loans, day two you blog about mesothelioma, and so forth. Just curious how you did and your thoughts on this.
  12. Walley

    OFF-TOPIC Movie made for $11,000 has made $7.9 million so far. Fastlane!!!

    Re: Movie made for $11,000 has made $7.9 million so far. Fastlane It was pretty boring. I walked out after 15 minutes.
  13. Walley

    WEB/DIGITAL advice

    Hosting is cheaper elsewhere especially if you were to go with a vps or ds. Also just from my experience it seems like godaddy takes forever to set some things up. For example... I was setting up a mysql database for a friend of mine and it took several hours for the database to get setup...
  14. Walley

    WEB/DIGITAL advice

    Here's a good hosting forum: Web Hosting Talk - The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet If you look at there find a host tab sometimes hosting companies offer discounts there.
  15. Walley

    What's your average monthly ROI?

    I'm just wondering what are your average percentage for your returns. I've been trading since August and getting about 20% every month. I hear 10% a year is good. I know there has to be some people here making more than 100%...?
  16. Walley

    Great motivational speaker

    Today I sat in on a presentation from Curtis Zimmerman. Just wanted to share with everyone another great motivational speaker. He brings a powerful message and makes everyone participates. Copied some keynotes from his website: -transform their way of thinking -be accountable -increase...
  17. Walley

    Why is this stock value not going up?

    Thanks everyone. So if something is expected and have a date like what's mentioned in this forum everything is already calculated in? How can a share price go up in value just based on expectations? What if it's something like company "ABC" is making 100k vaccines for swine flu. They don't...
  18. Walley

    HOT TOPIC Investing in Penny Shares

    If you want to save time try IBD.
  19. Walley

    Why is this stock value not going up?

    Looks like the shares for ATVI kept going up on the 3rd till about the sales date the 10th. I'm assuming that is when the retail stores started buying the units? ...Once the 10th hit it started going back down... meaning the stores stopped for that time? I'm guessing I should of bought shares...
  20. Walley

    Why is this stock value not going up?

    There was a small section in IBD that wrote about ATVI and how the new game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was expected to make 1/2 billion in sales this week. I'm a fan of the game and I've also been keeping an eye on ATVI for the last several week to buy on the 9th, the day before the game's...
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