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    INTRO Island Guy - Watching the Fastlane First Hand

    Any update, did you launch a brand? great story.
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    Learning Never Ends

    With all the robo-trading and computer bots that make the market so volatile, i would RUN not walk from day trading.. it wont end well. I wish you the best of luck, but these markets are such a unique beast... until a per share tax or tick limits are implemented, this is NOT a true "market to...
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    HOT TOPIC SOS. Google has booted my store out of its top 10.

    There have been numerous Google search algorithm updates over the past year or so that have really changed the SEO game. Penguin / Panda updates have really impacted many many people in the industry. A big hit has been exact match domain names getting less weight in the search engines, where...
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    HOT TOPIC If you lost everything, how would you rebuild?

    I recently read an article on a blog of an author I highly admire: A Mental Exercise: What I'd Do if I Lost Everything A great question that all wealthy entrepreneurs ought to contemplate is "What if I lost everything?" I know it is VERY rare that there could be an event that wiped out your...
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    Hello from Sunny Tampa...

    I just found out about the Millionaire fastlane book on Monday, and quickly read as much as I could about MJ, and boy is the book amazing thus far. I am working for a small Commercial Real Estate development company in Tampa, and have been here for close to 4 years after I graduated from...
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