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    How would you find money for your fastlane journey ?

    Hey guys, In my way for finding a business's idea, I noticed that these idea might required a certain amount of money that I don't have, I'd like to ask you what kind of business would you do to make money for your main project ? I've heard many people talks about web design or digital agency...
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    How do you guys come up with a viable business idea ?

    Hey guys, I've been here for 1 months and after some action-faking and questionning about myself on what I've done so far, and what I've been doing wrong this whole time. I noticed that I have a problem finding a business idea, and I think I'm not the only one I mean as a newbies my mind is...
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    Place to go in ameriaca ?

    Hey guys, I want to move away from my hometown, it's really weird since I was totally hooked on my city, if someone would have asked me "where do you want to travel/live ?", I'd have say "I don't want to travel I am fine here " . However now I can't no longer live in that city: my friends...
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    Learning code & become a developer

    Hey guys, I’m actually looking for an idea and during my visite on web I’ve saw a lot of websites well-known in my country really in bad shape and I was like someone should make these website up to date, and then boom I was like good idea and so I want to ask you what’s the best way to become...
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    Biggest decision of my life

    Hey Guys, I’m new on FastlaneForum and I’m so happy i have found a such place, first let me introduce myself I’m a young entrepreneur from french and I’m 21years. Lately, I’ve been throught different hardship on my life since I’ve announced my parent that I quit school, they’ve totally...
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    INTRO Dieriba, Futur FastLaner want to tell his story first

    Hey evryone, let me introduce myself, I'm dieriba i'm 21 years and i'm french ( so please don't mind my english faults), My first step in business was with dropshipping as a sidewalker i was on youtube late night.. and some guru trapped me with that title 'OMG OH I MADE 50K A DAY SLEEPING IN...
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