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  1. CSRelentless

    WEB SCHOOL New web design client, no portfolio.

    Hey guys, so I started my digital agency not to long ago, I have had a couple of clients, but not enough to build a portfolio yet. I do have a bunch of mockups and templates on my website, but they are not actual businesses. I cold called this client and he was interested, and we have a meeting...
  2. CSRelentless

    INTRO Joined 6 years ago, but Introduction nonetheless.

    I am embarrassed and shameful as I type this. I learned about the Fastlane while in Highschool. Decided college wasn't for me. I was going to start a business and be a millionaire. Well I am now 26 as I type this, and realized I am just a wantntrepreneur. I have many businesses that I have...
  3. CSRelentless

    EXECUTION Importing and selling on ebay.

    Hey guys, I figured I would make a progress thread about getting started with importing and selling on ebay. I feel like I am hopping on a band wagon but It's time I take action and this is my way of doing it just so I can get my feet wet. I have a problem with over analyzing and analysis...
  4. CSRelentless

    INTRO Small town, Big dreams

    Where to begin.......Well I'm 21, and live in a small town in Alabama.(population=13,000). I work with my dad doing construction, I also have a small electronic repair business that I do out of my house. I currently started to dabble in importing, well actually I've been dabbling in a a lot of...
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